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General Motors defends Volt as real electric car

(October 12, 2010) General Motors today answered critics of the Chebrolet Volt disputing accusations that it is a hybrid and not a true electric vehicle.

Auto critics, Motor Trend and Popular Mechanics  have said that during heavy acceleration the Volt uses its gasoline engine to power an electric generator which helps turn the wheels, similar to how hybrids run.

Chevy Volt revealed — Not all electric all the time

(October 12, 2010) GM has insisted from the start that it is proper to call the Chevrolet Volt an E-REV, or extended-range electric vehicle. We've always maintained that it is more accurately an extended-range plug-in hybrid.

'Confessions of a Tire Salesman' offers money-saving secrets

(October 10, 2010) Tires are absolutely vital to the safety of every vehicle, but buying new tires can be expensive and confusing.

In "Confessions of a Tire Salesman" shares the inside scoop on how consumers can buy the proper tires at the best price while avoiding tricks that tire shops employ to add unnecessary costs to the final bill.

September hybrid sales falter as economy, gas prices stagnate

By John O'Dell
Senior Editor,

(October 5, 2010) If policymakers and marketing strategists need more proof that in the absence of high gas prices and big incentives, most Americans don't place fuel efficiency high among reasons they select new cars, they need look no further than September's dismal hybrid sales picture.

Model year closeout is slow as incentives stay low

(October 2, 2010) estimated on Friday that the average automaker incentive in the U.S. was $2,576 per vehicle sold in September 2010, down $125, or 4.6 percent, from August 2010, and down $170, or 6.2 percent, from September 2009.

"Typically there is a significant increase in incentives spent from August to September, but that isn't the case this year," stated Analyst Ivan Drury.

More people are considering smaller cars

(September 27, 2010) Will your next new car  be smaller than the one you drive today? has announced that compact and subcompact cars are currently being considered by 16.4 percent of its 15 million monthly site visitors, up from 15 percent three years ago.

Retail sales pace recaptures lost momentum, J.D. Power says

(September 23, 2010) New-vehicle retail sales in September are expected to recover from the tumultuous summer selling season and post a significant selling rate increase, compared with August, according to J.D. Power and Associates, which gathers real-time transaction data from more than 8,900 retail franchisees throughout the United States.

New regulations not best solution for distracted driving

(September 22, 2010) On Tuesday  U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood hosted a summit on distracted driving, presumably in an attempt to spur further legislation on the issue. hopes to broaden the discussion despite receiving no response to a letter sent to Secretary LaHood last week.

Toyota leads industry in brand value according to Interbrand's annual ranking

(September 17, 2010) NEW YORK — Ten automotive manufacturers finished among the world's top 100 brands according to the 11th annual ranking of the "Best Global Brands" ranked by Interbrand, a company formed in 1974 to create and manage brand value.

September car sales soft following strong Labor Day weekend

(September 17, 2010) reports today that new car buyers flocked to dealerships for Labor Day weekend sales but have largely stayed away since then.