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2015-19 Hyundais, Kias are favorite targets for vehicle thefts

(September 27, 2022) When it comes to theft, bargain-priced vehicles manufactured by Kia and Hyundai now rival muscle cars and luxury SUVs as top targets, a Highway Loss Data Institute analysis of 2021 insurance claims shows Among newer models, whole vehicle theft claims were highest for the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, relative to its numbers on the road over 2018-22. But among 2015-19 model-year vehicles, theft claims were nearly twice as common for Hyundai and Kia vehicles as a group as for all other manufacturers, according to a recent HLDI report.

J.D. Power — Brand loyalty strong among new-vehicle owners

(September 28, 2022) TROY, Mich. — The majority of new-vehicle owners this past year navigated the low vehicle inventory crunch by purchasing the same brand of vehicle which in turn, kept loyalty high in both premium and mass market segments, according to the redesigned J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Automotive Brand Loyalty Study, released this week. The study has been expanded this year to report on brand loyalty insights by segment categories: premium car; premium SUV; mass market car; mass market SUV; and truck.

2022 Infiniti QX60 moves into second generation with redesign

By Paul Borden

(September 27, 2022) The big brother of the popular QX50 and newer QX55, the Infiniti QX60 is back for 2022 after sitting out a year for a redesign that moved it into its second generation. It is a tad shorter, but a bit taller and sleeker than its predecessor with a high-class, roomy, and quiet cabin packed with fairly intuitive tech features. Elegant describes the stylish interior.

Gas prices rise as Ian heads toward Florida

(September 27, 2022) WASHINGTON, D.C. — Gas prices rose a nickel over the past week, as the national average pump price hit $3.72. The main reason is higher regional prices on the West Coast and the Midwest due to refinery issues ranging from planned maintenance to a fire. But low domestic demand as fewer drivers fuel up and much lower oil prices have helped to blunt some of the impacts.

IIHS study — People who combine alcohol and marijuana often drive afterward

(September 22, 2022) A third of drivers who drink alcohol and use marijuana at the same time report getting behind the wheel within two hours of consumption, a new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows. That’s a concern because evidence suggests the combination of alcohol and marijuana worsens driving performance more than either substance by itself.

Are we near the end of falling gas prices?

(September 20, 2022) WASHINGTON, D.C. — Fewer drivers fueling up helped the national average pump price to drop four cents in the past week to reach $3.67. But it’s the smallest weekly decline in months and may signal that the streak of daily falling national average gas prices, approaching 100 days, is nearly finished.

2022 Mercedes S580 — Elegant, adroit and an amazing driving experience

By Jim Prueter

(September 19, 2022) The Mercedes S-Class is the world’s best-selling luxury sedan and the latest generation recently introduced as expected is impressive with spectacular new features and amazing technology.  Mercedes is offering two versions of the S-Class, the base level S-500 powered by a 430-hp V6 engine or the S-580 reviewed here with a 496-hp bi-turbocharged mild-hybrid drive V8 engine. All-wheel drive is standard on both models. Of course, luxury not horsepower is what the S-Class is all about.

GMC gives Sierra Denali Ultimate luxury to the highest level

Photos by Paul Borden

By Paul Borden

(September 18, 2022) By far the company’s most popular pickup, the GMC Sierra 1500 gets a new trim for 2022 that takes truck luxury to its highest level. In fact, the company claims that the 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali Ultimate “is the most advanced and luxuriously appointed Denali ever offered,” which is quite a boast.

What cars are most 'deadliest' in U.S.? New study finds answers

Research from 1-800-Injured

(September 14, 2022) Perhaps one of the most dangerous risks we take every day, without even noticing, is taking a trip out in our cars. Every year in the U.S, there are thousands of road accidents resulting in fatalities and life-threatening injuries. Both the driver and passengers are at serious risk, and despite the safety precautions we take with seatbelts, airbags and crumple zones, we continue to see an alarming increase in injuries caused by automotive accidents.

New-vehicle prices increase for fifth straight month

(September 13, 2022) ATLANTA — The average price paid for a new vehicle in the U.S. in August topped July's record and kept the average transaction price (ATP) solidly above the $48,000 mark, according to new data released by Kelley Blue Book. The Kelley Blue Book new-vehicle ATP increased to $48,301 in August, beating the previous high of $48,080 set in the prior month. August prices rose 0.5% ($222) month over month from July, and 10.8% ($4,712) year over year from August 2021.