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Orders open for 2023 Range Rover including plug-in hybrid with 48 miles EV


2023 Range Rover SV

(January 28, 2022)  MAHWAH, N.J. — The full breadth of the luxurious 2023 Range Rover family is now available to order for the first time. Land Rover has confirmed prices for the advanced Extended-Range Plug-in Hybrid model and the exclusive Range Rover SV, while revealing performance figures for the plug-in hybrid electric powertrain.

2022 Lexus GX Black Line

PHOENIX — The 2022 Lexus GX SUV is a throwback vehicle can be traced back some two decades, all the way to 2002; the generation tested here dates back to 2009. Since that time, the GX has received very modest tweaks, getting the brand’s identifying spindle grille in 2013, and modest changes for 2020 such as an updated spindle grille, triple beam LED headlamps, the addition of two rear USB ports, a new exterior color and new interior trim choices.

2022 Mercedes E450 All-Terrain

INDIANAPOLIS — Mercedes-Benz had a pretty crazy strategy when it introduced the jacked-up All Terrain E-Class wagon in Europe, home of fast cars and faster highways, and left crossover-crazy America with the more boring Rodeo Drive version.  I mean, hadn’t they learned the basic lesson of the Subaru Outback?  Americans want to look ready for adventure whether they’re hitting the trails…or shopping mall.  Mercedes mends its ways with the 2022 E450 All Terrain.

2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid

INDIANAPOLIS — I’m trying to imagine the conversation in Ford’s boardroom several years ago when some enterprising executive lofted this nugget:  “Let’s take our Ford Escape crossover, replace its aft half with a bed, slap on the name of a sub-par compact from the ‘70s, and use it to replace our compact sedans.  We’ll make it a hybrid too.”  I’m sure eyebrows slanted askew, but 2022 Ford Maverick pickup is a pretty good idea.

Vehicle of the Week

2022 GMC Sierra Limited Denali — A stopgap until the 'real' 2022 arrives

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

(January 23, 2022) If you don't get it right the first time, the best course of action is to step back, re-evaluate and make improvements. Then start again with a fresh set of ideas. That's what the designers and engineers at GMC did with the Sierra. The latest-generation Sierra was introduced in 2019, but customers found its design and technology fell short of the Ram pickup, and even the Ford F-150 before Ford's all-new 2021 truck arrived.

Here's the Thing

Telluride SUV another example of Kia doing it right

By Paul Borden

(January 28, 2022) Several years ago I heard a Kia exec explain that the company entered the U.S. with cheaper entry-level vehicles in the early 1990s in order to get a foothold on the market. But with sales lagging in the latter years of the decade to barely half what they once were, mostly because of quality issues, the company was forced to either leave the U.S. market or upgrade its product.

Battery-powered EV sales set record in fourth quarter

(January 28, 2022) IRVINE, Calif. —  Despite industry-wide inventory constraints and overall slow new-car sales growth throughout the year, sales of battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs) surged to hit a new record with a strong year-end finish in Q4 2021, according to a new report from Kelley Blue Book. In the fourth quarter, EV sales jumped 72% year-over-year to a record 147,799 units. EV market share in Q4 was 4.5%, also a record high for the segment. 

2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz — Blending a crossover with the bed of a pickup

By Jim Prueter

(January 26, 2022) Nissan, Toyota, Chevrolet, GMC, Honda all have one. Ford has two and Dodge had one and got rid of it and now wishes it had it back. I’m talking about a small pickup truck. Hyundai, the Korean automaker that just keeps the hits coming has teased about the possibility of a small pickup truck for years, all the way back to the Chicago Auto Show what seems like a decade ago, showing a concept pickup called the Santa Cruz.

Inside the Industry

40 millionth Ford F-Series for U.S. customers rolls off the line

(January 28, 2022) The forties have been good to Ford F-Series. Ford has 45 years as America’s best-selling truck and 40 years as best-selling vehicle, and now, Ford is celebrating production of its 40-millionth F-Series for U.S. customers.

Ford Blue Oval Advantage used cars come with money-back guarantee

(January 28, 2022) DEARBORN, Mich. — Ford is enhancing its used-vehicle digital marketplace, offering buyers increased peace of mind and ensuring Ford dealers remain leaders in the used-vehicle space. Beginning in February, vehicles sold under the Ford Blue Advantage platform will include a 14-day/1,000-mile money-back guarantee.

All-new 2023 Toyota Sequoia revealed; available this summer

(January 27, 2022) PLANO, Texas  —Toyota has introduced an all-new third-generation 2023 three-row Sequoia SUV. It's the first all-new Sequoia since 2008. The three-row SUV is all new from the ground up, and Toyota says it aims to elevate the full-size segment with luxurious comfort, impressive technology and breath-taking performance from an efficient new hybrid powertrain.

Abandoned Car of the Week

The remains of a Chevy II

This 1962-63 Chevy II parked beside a South Carolina road is apparently being used as a parts car. The Chevrolet Chevy II/Nova is a small car manufactured by Chevrolet, and produced in five generations for the 1962 through 1979, and 1985 through 1988 model years. The Chevy II nameplate was dropped after 1968 in favor of Nova. (Photo by Ralph Gable)