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GM to add third shift, 750 jobs for its new midsize pickups


(September 17, 2014) WENTZVILLE, Mo. — Before a single truck has reached the public, General Motors has announced it will add a third shift at its Wentzville Assembly plant, creating an estimated 750 new jobs, to build the all-new Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon midsize pickups and Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana full-size vans.

2015 Lexus RC 350 / RC F

MONTICELLO, N.Y. — The setting was a wide track with large, perfectly manicured grass runoff areas that sits in a valley with its extremities running up and down the hills that feed into this depression. Its pavement describes arcs from surprisingly tight to wide open, joined by straights of varying lengths.

2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe

LOS ANGELES — If open-air motoring is not to your taste, a coupe version of the Jaguar F-Type will give you the head turning styling and performance you so desire. The all-aluminum F-Type Coupe delivers the uncompromised design vision of the Jaguar C-X16 concept, and complements the existing F-Type Convertible.

2015 Hyundai Sonata

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — More than four years ago Hyundai answered the criticism that all mid-sized sedans look the same by stepping away from the stereotypical styling with the 2011 Sonata, a car so daringly different that it set a new tone for the design future of the popular segment. It was a smash hit not only for its good looks, but for its above-average performance, generous standard features, and improved build quality.

Vehicle of the Week

2015 Honda Pilot — Family friendly crossover

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

Honda elected to retain its current mid-sized Pilot crossover for another model year, its seventh, which is somewhat perplexing in an industry that generally operates in five-year cycles — or less — in order to keep abreast with the ever-changing competition. It's even more baffling when you factor in Honda's decision years ago to endow the current-generation Pilot with boxy Jeep-like styling at a time when the crossover trend was skewing toward more rounded, sculpted lines.

Here's the Thing

Report finds California's 'hidden gas tax' to cost 18,000 jobs in 2015

(September 17, 2014) SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The "hidden gas tax" scheduled to hit California drivers on Jan. 1 will result in a net reduction of nearly $3 billion in economic output and 18,000 jobs in the first year alone, according to an economic analysis released today by the California Drivers Alliance.

According to the analysis, conducted by Dr. Justin L. Adams of Encina Advisors, there is also a nearly one-in-five chance that allowance prices in California's cap-and-trade system could be 300 percent higher than expected, meaning economic losses could skyrocket to $10.8 billion and 66,000 jobs in 2015.

The states with the rudest drivers — and the states that hate them

By Jeffrey Steele

(September 17, 2014) Call it brusque, boorish or downright barbaric. Whatever you call it, weaving in and out of traffic, laying on the horn and saluting with an upright digit is universally regarded as rude. So who is most guilty of this offensive behavior? The top three: Idaho, Washington, D.C., and New York.

Drivers beware: More motorists likely to hit a deer this fall

(September 15, 2014) BLOOMINGTON, Ill.  — U.S. drivers are nearly 3 percent more likely to collide with a deer in the next 12 months than they were last year, according to new claims data from State Farm.  The odds drivers will hit a deer in the coming year are 1 out of 169, but that likelihood more than doubles during October, November and December, when deer collisions are most prevalent.

Inside the Industry

Hyundai collaborates with Congressional Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Caucus

(September 17, 2014) WASHINGTON, D.C. — Hyundai has collaborated with the House Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Caucus and the Department of Energy to highlight the introduction of the first mass-produced fuel cell vehicles in the U.S. retail market.

In a briefing organized by the House Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Caucus, Hyundai executives, members of Congress, and an official from the Department of Energy discussed the innovative and clean technology that powers hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and the need for additional hydrogen infrastructure in the United States.

Macau entrepreneur orders largest fleet of Rolls-Royce Phantoms in world

(September 17, 2014) Luxury entrepreneur Stephen Hung has purchased the largest Rolls-Royce Phantom fleet in the world, placing an order for 30 Bespoke Extended Wheelbase Phantoms for his Louis XIII hotel in Macau. This transaction represents the world’s single largest order of Rolls-Royces ever.

Two of the fleet will be the most expensive Rolls-Royce Phantoms ever commissioned.

Audi receives first autonomous driving permit issued by California

(September 16, 2014) HERNDON, Va. — Audi will be the first company to receive a newly established autonomous driving permit issued by California. A range of new regulations that govern the testing of automated driving on the state’s roads take effect today.

Audi has conducted research over tens of thousands of miles in Europe and various U.S. states, where such testing is permitted. The research is aimed at preparing a highly automated Piloted driving system for freeway traffic conditions. Audi envisions this technology could be ready for consumer introduction within five years.

Abandoned Car of the Week

Still looking for a new owner

It appears the "for sale fresh date" has long expired on this 1951 or 1952 Ford F-5 work truck discovered rusting away in Trapper Creek, Alaska. The truck was restyled for 1951 and received only a few minor changes for the 1952 model year. (Photo by Jerry Brown)