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BMW introduces its first electric-powered premium mid-range car — The i4


(November 19, 2019) MUNICH, Germany — The heart of the BMW brand beats in the premium segment of the mid-range category. Along with the BMW 4 Series Coupé, BMW 4 Series Convertible and BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé models, it is the BMW 3 Series that brings out the qualities that are key to hallmark brand driving pleasure in a particularly concentrated form. Now BMW is transferring the brand's characteristic core features to the age of electric mobility — the central purpose in developing the BMW i4.

2020 BMW 740I

INDIANAPOLIS — BMW had some nerve when it introduced its flagship 7-Series back in 1977.  To even deign to compete with the dreadnought Mercedes-Benz S-Class took an end-loader full of, well, something extraordinary.  While Cadillac was content to offer over-fluffed Chevy Impalas, Lincoln built block-length cruisers, and Audi was still trying to out-live the Fox, BMW said, “You think you’re great, Mercedes?  I’ll have a whack at that!”  Six generations and over 40 years later, BMW may finally have hit its battleship.

2020 Mercedes GLC

AMENIA, N.Y. — Given Americans’ infatuation and craze for SUVs, it isn’t surprising that the Mercedes-Benz GLC recently replaced the C-Class sedan as the brand’s best-selling vehicle. Since replacing the outgoing GLK compact SUV back in 2016, GLC has received only mild updates. Now, for 2020, the GLC gets a heavy mid-cycle refresh that includes new front and rear styling, upgraded technology and expanded safety systems.

2020 Lincoln Aviator

PHOENIX — The Lincoln Aviator is an all-new three-row luxury SUV that positions itself between the larger Navigator and the smaller Nautilus. The Aviator name was previously used from 2002 to 2005, when it was essentially a Ford Explorer gussied up to look like a Lincoln Navigator. Buyers saw through what Lincoln was attempting and the vehicle never caught on.

Vehicle of the Week

2020 Hyundai Palisade — At the top of its class

MotorwayAmerica photo

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

The all-new Hyundai Palisade hits all the right notes when it comes to a mid-sized three-row sport utility vehicle. It has generous space for adult passengers in all three rows and scads of safety and driver-assist technology. We think it will be an instant hit against such formidable and established competitors as the Honda Pilot, the new Ford Explorer, Toyota Highlander and the Volkswagen Atlas.

Here's the Thing

At Ford Motor Company — Cynicism on a grand scale

By Christopher A. Sawyer
The Virtual Driver

(November 18, 2019) You can almost predict the coverage that will come out of the L.A. Auto Show this week, especially as it applies to Ford and the “Mustang Inspired” Mach E. It will be a sycophant’s field day. Originally called “Mach 1” until Mustang diehards flooded Ford with complaints about bastardizing the nameplate with an electric crossover.

AAA predicts more than 55 million will travel this Thanksgiving

(November 17, 2019) ORLANDO, Fla. — More than 55 million travelers are making plans to kick off the holiday season with a trip of 50 miles or more away from home this Thanksgiving. This will be the second-highest Thanksgiving travel volume since AAA began tracking in 2000, trailing only the record set in 2005.

Road trip with an electric Mini Cooper from Silicon Valley to Hollywood

First-person account of an electric road trip

(November 16, 2019) SAN FRANCISCO — The Silicon Valley, synonymous with digital giants like Google, Apple and Facebook, is an innovation hub and considered the innovation factory of the world. If the first premium electric small car hasn’t been invented in Munich it would have been invented here.

Inside the Industry

Bloodhound completes thigh-speed testing in quest for new record

(November 18, 2019) The Bloodhound Land Speed Record car has  reached a new top speed of 628 mph as she tore down the Kalahari Desert racing track in South Africa and completed the crucial high speed testing phase of the project. Propelled by an EJ200 jet engine normally found in a Eurofighter Typhoon fighter plane, reaching maximum velocity as she passed the 5 mile mark in just 50 seconds.

This 628mph sprint was Run Profile 8, a pre-defined and exacting set of parameters set out by the Bloodhound LSR engineering team and driven with precision by Andy Green.

Bentley celebrating 60 years of its V-8 engine

(November 18, 2019) CREWE, England — Bentley is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its venerable V8, the longest serving engine of its type in production. Originally fitted to the S2 model of 1959, the lasting appeal of the Bentley engine is proven by its continued application today in the luxurious Mulsanne limousine.

Ford expands Mustang lineup with electric sport utility — The Mach-E

(November 18, 2018) LOS ANGELES — For the first time in 55 years, Ford is expanding the Mustang family, bringing the famous pony into the electric age with Mustang Mach-E, an all-new, all-electric SUV born of the same all-American ideals that inspired the best-selling sports coupe in the world.

Abandoned Car of the Week

Shovel nose Studebaker

This 1952 Studebaker was found languishing in an Arizona salvage yard. It is the so-called "shovel nose" Studebaker with a redesigned front end from 1951. The rest of the car, however, was a carryover from earlier years with its acres of glass in the Starlight coupe edition. Despite the redesign, sales figures were considerably lower than 1951. There were 246,195 Studebaker's sold in '51, and the number dropped to 167,662 in 1952. (Photo by Jim Prueter)