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Gas price average edges up two cents in a week to $2.28

(February 12, 2019) On the week, the national gas price average is two cents more expensive, landing at $2.28. At the start of the workweek, nearly half of all state averages also saw jumps — some at or more than a dime increase, according to AAA's weekly report.

A contrarian viewpoint — Irrational exuberance or pure insanity?

By Christopher A. Sawyer
The Virtual Driver

(February 11, 2019) All of the legacy car makers fell for the fallacy that electronics were not only sexier than automobiles, the young would stop buying cars as being online and connected meant more to them. The Detroit three and the luxury makers (Audi, BMW, Mercedes especially) really fell for this one, with the Germans seeing an opportunity to enhance their tech standing while Detroit searched for “relevance” with the new generation.

Perfect for everyday duty and getaways on the Apache Trail

By Jim Prueter

(February 11, 2019) When winter does arrive in Arizona, it’s never the news making polar vortex that sweeps into the Midwest, characterized by high winds and chill factor temperatures customarily 50° below zero with blowing snow. Rather, it comes with gray skies a bit of drizzle, and a 40° cold (for Arizona), wind that rattles through the mesquite trees and ocotillo cactus that chased away my plans to drive the 2019 Toyota Highlander up Arizona’s Apache Trail for the day.

Ford Mustang may be growing older, but it still exudes a fun-loving attitude

By Paul Borden

(February 10, 2019) MIAMI — Ford's Mustang will soon reach “senior status” as its 55th birthday fast approaches, but it still is very much the same young-at-heart vehicle as when it was unveiled at the New York World’s Fair on April 17, 1964.

You’ll fall in love with the 2019 Volkswagen GTI Rabbit Edition

By Jim Prueter

(February 7, 2019) To begin, let’s try to clear this part up: The Volkswagen tested here is named the Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0T Rabbit Edition. Yes, the Rabbit name is back as a heritage-inspired edition, new for the 2019 model year. The original Volkswagen GTI made its first American appearance back in 1983 and is now in its seventh-generation.

Subaru, Lexus win Kelley Blue Book's 2019 'cost to own' awards

(February 7, 2019) IRVINE, Calif. — Subaru was named Kelley Blue Book's 2019 Five-Year Cost to Own mainstream brand and Lexus won the luxury brand title announced Wednesday.  Five-Year Cost to Own information takes into consideration depreciation, expected fuel costs, finance and insurance fees, maintenance and repair costs, and state fees.

The awards recognize new vehicles with the lowest projected ownership costs.

Audi, Toyota generate most advertising excitement, Edmunds finds

(February 6, 2019) SANTA MONICA, Calif. — While the Super Bowl may not go down as the most exciting in recent memory, ads for flashy new vehicles from Audi and Toyota generated excitement from car shoppers on Edmunds. Audi's "Cashew" ad promoting the e-tron lineup was the most successful ad of the night, boosting traffic to the e-tron GT by 13,578 percent, and helping Audi enjoy the most traffic growth of any advertised brand, up 116 percent. Toyota's "Wizard" ad was also a big success, with traffic to Supra pages also up more than 13,000 percent.

National gas price average holds flat at $2.26

(February 5, 2019) For most states, gas prices are starting off the first week in February cheaper than the last week in January. On the week, only eight states saw gas prices increase which is a big shift from the week prior that saw increases for 25 states. With the majority of state gas price averages decreasing, the national gas price average held flat at $2.26 even though the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) latest demand rate reflected summer-like numbers. according to AAA's weekly report.

Average new-car prices up more than 4 percent year-over-year

(February 1, 2019) IRVINE, Calif. — The analysts at Kelley Blue Book today reported the estimated average transaction price for a light vehicle in the United States was $37,149 in January. New-vehicle prices increased $1,481 (up 4.2 percent) from January 2018, while decreasing $643 (down 1.7 percent) from last month.  

"There are several factors contributing to strong average transaction prices, which climbed 4 percent year-over-year," said Tim Fleming, analyst for Kelley Blue Book.

Gas price averages inching up amid rising demand

(January 29, 2019) Many motorists filling up across the country are noticing gas prices that are increasing slightly. While nearly 25 states’ averages increased on the week, the national average is only a penny more than a week ago at $2.26. The fluctuating national and state gas price averages come alongside an increase in gasoline demand and reflect the higher crude oil prices as of late, but it’s likely not to be a long-term trend, according to AAA.