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Good news at GM does not mean company is yet on solid ground

(August 15, 2010) With General Motors announcement of impressive profit during the second quarter, presents the following data points:

    • Today most GM vehicles sell for an average of 15.7 percent off sticker price; the industry average is 13.7 percent. During first quarter, GM's discount was 13.9 percent and the industry's was 13.2 percent. In second quarter of last year, GM's discount was 16.6 percent and the industry's was 15.5 percent.

Let's give the vehicle-buying public what it wants

(August 14, 2010) The auto-buying public seems to be at odds with the government and others who are pushing people to purchase ultra-fuel-efficient vehicles.

Despite the huge volume of print and internet coverage of the emerging electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, and a non-stop campaign to convince society that cutting the use of foreign oil while at the same time stemming emissions of bad things from the tailpipe is patriotic, big vehicles are leaving dealer lots in increasing numbers.

Rebound in large pickup trucks forecast by

(August 12, 2010) Some people believe that pickup truck sales are an indication of the country's economic health. has taken a look at the segment's sales trends which, on the surface, show some promise.

"Pickup-truck sales gained more traction last month, and industry executives are starting to believe that their biggest and most profitable vehicles can be counted on to haul an even larger share of the fledgling recovery for the rest of the year and beyond," reported Edmunds' contributor Dale Buss.

Slowing car sales in China bad news for GM

(August 12, 2010) The rapidly expanding car market in China has been critical to the earnings  of global auto companies like GM, VW, and Toyota. China’s insatiable demand for cars has pushed the nation ahead of decades-long market sales leader, the U.S., in total annual sales. Even smaller companies with niche products like BMW, have been helped.

Hyundai makes it onto 'Most Considered' list from KBB

(August 11, 2010) IRVINE, Calif. — According to the latest Kelley Blue Book Market Intelligence Brand Watch study, Korean automaker Hyundai has made its first foray into the top five most-considered auto brands among new-car shoppers, ousting Japanese brand Nissan into sixth place. 

GM marketing director discusses Buick and its new website

By Karl Greenberg
MediaPost Publications

(August 11, 2010) Joel Ewanick, head of North American marketing for General Motors, talks about Buick, its brand equity and its "Moment of Truth" social-media site for Regal.

Chrysler has some good news, but challenges remain

By Michelle Krebs

(August 10, 2010) Chrysler Group LLC reported Monday an improved financial picture in the second quarter, but the automaker clearly has more work ahead.

Chrysler narrowed its net loss to $172 million in the quarter (from $197 million in the first quarter). Chrysler earned an operating profit and increased the amount of cash it has on hand.

It's about the four brands, and GM ain't one of 'em

Karl Greenberg
MediaPost Publications

(August 9, 2010) Whether or not Joel Ewanick sustains his renown as an automotive rock star at his new post as VP marketing at General Motors, he's certainly a rolling stone, moving too fast to gather moss.

Chevrolet readies the 'Matchbox' cars 

By Karl Greenberg
MediaPost Publications

(August 7, 2010) General Motors' fate rests on Chevrolet like a pallet of hay on the flatbed of a Silverado truck. The automaker's core division, which gets well over $600 million of the $1.5 billion-plus marketing budget, has shifted from low gear to at least third in recent months, with strong sales of Equinox, Malibu — and now, the Silverado Heavy Duty.

Vacationing in Chicago? Bring some extra cash for taxes

(August 6, 2010) If you're planning to take a rental-car and hotel vacation at some point between now and Labor Day, here's a bit of information to fit into your choice filter: Cities that really sock it to travelers in the form of taxes on car rentals, hotel rooms and meals.