Volkswagen Jetta TDI — Fewer fuel stops guaranteed

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

Forty miles on a gallon of gas has become the new benchmark for compact cars propelled by an internal combustion engine without help from an electric motor or a charging cord. This is the lofty goal in 2012 for bragging rights and increased sales — and to bring manufacturers closer to new gas mileage standards looming ahead.

This makes the Volkswagen Jetta TDI an interesting choice in the compact segment because of its exceptional miles per gallon combined with the kind of performance simply not available in the base four-cylinder gas engines powering such popular names plates as the Chevrolet Cruz, Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic and Hyundai Elantra.

Volkswagen Golf R — Sophisticated hot hatch

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

The 2012 Volkswagen Golf R hatchback is one of the most enjoyable small cars to come our way, a satisfying piece of engineering with a go-fast demeanor that should suit virtually everyone who has the good fortune to slip behind the wheel.

Volkswagen CC — Room for five

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

Volkswagen's North American strategy over the past couple of years has been to build larger and less expensive cars with generic styling designed to appeal to the largest audience possible. The strategy has worked. VW sales have steadily risen with the revamped compact Jetta and the totally remade mid-sized Passat doing the heavy lifting.

Fortunately for those of us who admire cutting-edge design and top-shelf build quality, Volkswagen continues to offer the gorgeous CC mid-sized sedan.

Volkswagen Tiguan — A pleasing personality

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

It's lively, agile, and excitingly fun to drive making the compact Volkswagen Tiguan crossover a driveway delight. It's no mystery why it's popularity has steadily grown over nearly four years on the market.

Tiguan sales nearly doubled from its first full year of production in 2009 when about 14,000 units left showrooms to 2011 when  sales hit 26,000. Growth continues in 2012 after a mid-cycle refreshening. Through the first four months of 2012, the Tiguan is on track to hit between 35,000 and 40,000 sales.

Volkswagen Tiguan — Above average driving experience

By Russ Heaps

In the jam-packed world of crossovers, the 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan carves its own niche. Targeting buyers looking for more "sport" than "utility" in their driving experience, Tiguan offers the only standard turbocharged engine in its segment. Add to this handling that has a distinctively European feel, and you have a fun-to-drive vehicle with a healthy dollop of utility.

Volkswagen Beetle turbo — No flower but plenty of power

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

For those owners who thought the bud vase was just the cutest thing in the last-generation Volkswagen Beetle (1998-2011), you may be saddened to learn that the vase has been eliminated with the remake of the iconic car for the 2012 model year. The problem with the vase, auto wags say, is that it branded the Beetle as a “chick” car, and once a car gets associated with a specific demography, it can be difficult to change perception.

Volkswagen Passat — A new look and feel

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

 As limo and shuttle services phase out the venerable and soon-to-depart-the-scene Lincoln Town Car perhaps they should consider replacing it with the Volkswagen Passat.
Sounds a bit off the wall; replacing the spacious luxury of the $60,000 Lincoln with a 25 grand Volkswagen. In fact it strikes as being over-the-top ridiculous. But perhaps judgment should be reserved until you get the opportunity to visit the stretch-out rear-seat leg room of the 2012 Passat.

2012 Volkswagen Beetle

HERNDON, Va. — Many people would think the most successful single car design in history was the Ford Model T. Ergo, many people would be wrong. The Volkswagen Beetle overtook the Model T for that honor on Feb. 17, 1972.  Volkswagen is ready to market its third-generation Beetle in the United States this fall.

2012 Volkswagen Passat

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — There’s an old saying — “Betting the farm” — in other words, betting it all on one roll of the dice. Volkswagen has done just that with its all-new 2012 midsize Passat. It not only created an entirely new generation of this popular vehicle it also built a factory in Chattanooga just to manufacture it for North American consumption.

2011 VW Touareg Hybrid

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Volkswagen is known as the diesel engine carmaker. Hybrids up to now had been left to the rest of the industry. Now VW has also taken the hybrid route with its all-new-for-2011 Touareg crossover vehicle.