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Mini Cooper Convertible — Refreshed for 2022

Photos by Paul Borden

By Paul Borden

(November 27, 2021) Just as the word “dated” began to appear in reviews of the iconic Mini in recent years, the 2022 Mini Cooper Convertible arrives refreshed and updated but still with the sassy attitude that has been an integral part of its DNA for just over six decades.

Infiniti QX60 Autograph — Sumptuous crossover has New Age vibe

By Jim Prueter

(November 28, 2021) Sedona, Arizona, is tailor-made for a travel brochure — a picturesque small town surrounded with stunning red rock buttes, mesas, and canyons with bright colorful foliage in the fall. It’s a perfect destination for test driving the all-new-for-2022 Infiniti QX60. First introduced for the 2013, the second-generation of the QX60 is long overdue. The three-row mid-size SUV has been dramatically redesigned both inside and out.

Ford Bronco — An off-roader you can live with every day

By Jim Meachen

(November 28, 2021) The most obvious aspect of the Ford Bronco is its curb appeal. Still new to many who have seen the modern iteration only between the covers of auto magazines or on YouTube videos, it's an attention grabber on the street. Viewing one in person clocked in Cyber Orange paint seemed to be the highlight of the day for a few people in the supermarket parking lot, at the gas station, and outside a favorite restaurant.

Mercedes EQS 580 — A new and impeccably luxurious EV

By Jim Prueter

(November 24, 2021) There’s an old saying that if you’re late to the party you better be the best dressed. Criticized for taking too long to embrace electric vehicles, Mercedes-Benz has just introduced its new all-electric flagship the EQS and it’s the fanciest, most luxurious EV ever. That’s years after competitors like Tesla S, Porsche Taycan, Jaguar iPace and Audi e-tron were introduced.

Lexus RX 350 — A popular luxury choice

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

(November 21, 2021) The Lexus RX 350 continues to be the luxury segment's hottest selling crossover SUV perhaps because of its relaxed and comfortable characteristics — attributes luxury customers demand —and its ability to get from point A to point B without drama in a hushed interior environment loaded with much of the modern technology offered by automotive manufactures these days.

Lexus ES 350 F Sport — A stylish luxury sedan

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

(November 14, 2021) We have never given the mid-sized Lexus ES sedan much of a thought in terms of a purchase. Yes, we have liked the ES through the years and praised its quiet interior, refined ride and its very acceptable performance from a healthy V-6 engine. Our likability quotient has changed just a bit after a week behind the wheel of a 2021 ES 350 F Sport.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer — The rebirth of a premium luxury American icon

By Jim Prueter

(November 7, 2021) Much like the Ford Bronco and GM’s Hummer, Jeep has resurrected an old nameplate, Grand Wagoneer. One might be surprised it’s a Jeep save since the raised aluminum two-piece copperchinio-accented “Wagoneer” is the only badging you’ll see on the humungous all-new SUV; the name “Jeep” appears nowhere on the vehicle.

VW Tiguan — Competent, spacious compact SUV

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

(November 7, 2021) The Volkswagen Tiguan, which started life in 2009 as a compact crossover, was well received by the critics as a solid value, but it never resonated with buyers in North America because of its small cargo and passenger space compared to competing vehicles in the segment.

Jeep Grand Cherokee L — Full redesign

By Jim Prueter

(November 2, 2021) The Jeep brand, now in its 80th year, is introducing its fifth-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee that was first introduced in 1992. That first Cherokee was dramatically launched by literally driving the SUV up the steps of Detroit’s Cobo Hall and through a glass window, signifying the breakthrough premium SUV for the Jeep brand.