Ford Super Duty — Hardest working truck in show business
Hyundai Sonata – Making the good life affordable
Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet — You have arrived
Jaguar XKR convertible – Open air motoring at its best
Hyundai Sonata — Fast becoming a mainstream power
Ford Mustang V-6 — Turning up the heat
Kia Sorento — Getting it right
Toyota Avalon — Tuned for comfort
Mercedes E550 cabriolet – A first class, four place ragtop
Honda CR-Z — Only takes two to tango
Volkswagen Jetta — Get more, pay less
Ford Fiesta — Back with a vengeance
Land Rover Range Rover Sport — Luxury on or off the road
Toyota Sienna — Getting a head start
Nissan Leaf — Plug and play
Cadillac CTS-V Coupe — Keeps one young
Jeep Grand Cherokee — Still goes anywhere, on or off-road
Infiniti M — Achieving premium luxury sport sedan status
Buick Regal — A growth hormone for an iconic brand on the rebound
Nissan Juke — Interesting and inexpensive
Jeep — Full line gives breadth to change
Land Rover LR4 — Brings peace of mind
Mazda2 — Modern minimalist fun
Kia Sportage — Becoming prince charming
Honda Accord SE — A solid choice
Acura RDX — Nimble crossover, sporty excitement
Porsche Boxster Spyder — Fast for those who can
Honda Odyssey — Smart for those in the know
GMC Acadia Denali — Taking it to the next level
Ford Edge — Still leading the pack
Audi A8 — Worthy of a headline billing
Chevrolet Cruze — A small friendly boulevard cruiser
Mercedes-Benz S550 — Afraid of no storm
Lincoln MKZ hybrid — Could be the smartest entry lux buy today
Cadillac CTS Coupe — High impact eye candy
Ford Explorer — The crossover that could capture the market
Jaguar XJ Supersport — The long and short of elegance
Acura TSX Sport Wagon — Practicality with a dose of luxury
Infiniti FX35 — High tech crossover with muscle
Lexus LX 570 — Rugged, comfortable and expensive
Chrysler 300 — Avoiding a mid-life crisis
Kia Optima — The game changer
Infiniti G25 — Think G37 light, refreshing, less filling
Mazda CX-9 — Seven go Grand Touring
Hyundai Sonata Turbo — A step up to sensible performance
Lexus LS 460 — Carries on its luxury tradition
Porsche Panamera — The all sports car, frugal luxury sedan
Chevrolet Volt — A charge to drive
Hyundai Equus — Moving on up
Ford F-150 EcoBoost — Gas saving performance
Lincoln MKS — Where luxury meets EcoBoost
Lexus CT 200h — Hybrid mileage in luxury clothes
Dodge Grand Caravan — Headed in the right direction
Buick Enclave — Right sized for a big family
Scion tC — Keeping young buyers on the move
Chevrolet Camaro convertible — The joy of driving
Hyundai Elantra — Another extra base effort
Nissan Quest — Finding space enough for a brood
Ford F-150 Harley Davidson — Driving the four-wheeled 'Hog'
Dodge Durango — Very well done
Ford Transit Connect — A new way to work
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport — Really cool when dressed-up