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GWR Kia on cloud nine with new EV showcase


Top-floor display puts new Kia EV9
on display for thousands driving M4

(April 16, 2024) LONDON — A new Kia EV9 showcase has been installed for hundreds of thousands of travellers along the M4 to enjoy, on the top floor of one of the largest and most prominently positioned Kia dealerships in the UK. GWR Kia, operated by Norton Way Group, has a prominent position on the Great West Road in Brentford, West London.

2024 Mercedes GLC Coupe

PHOENIX — Like the standard issue compact GLC SUV from which it's based upon, the second generation GLC Coupe tested here as a 2024 model is basically a smaller, sportier version that's grown a bit larger length and height, yet remains the same width. So slight is the visual change between the old and new would require them to be parked side by side to see the grille now favors the AMG variants along with the stylized propeller on either side and of course the enormous trim-star moniker.

2024 Hyundai Kona N-Line

PHOENIX — Originally introduced and launched for the 2018 model year, Hyundai Kona, the subcompact crossover gets fully redesigned for its 2nd generation 2024 model year. The new Kona is larger with a dramatic new "love it or hate it" exterior styling, a roomier interior that offers an adult-friendly rear seat and significantly more cargo room.

2024 Buick Envista

MIAMI — In a prior life, the Buick Envista that debuts as a 2024 model might have been dubbed a hatchback coupe. But in keeping with company’s vehicle E-style nomenclature Buick prefers to call it a crossover SUV,  joining compacts Envision and Encore GX and the mid-size Enclave in the company’s North American portfolio.

Vehicle of the Week

2024 Infiniti QX60 — A stylish mid-sized crossover

By Jim Meachen

(April 14, 2024) The mid-sized luxury SUV segment requires a stylish, technology-loaded, and performance-infused  vehicle to be competitive, and the Infiniti QX60 — which reached the marketplace as a 2022 model — makes its statement as a crossover that needs more than a passing glance. It might just have the right combination of luxury panache for the demanding customer.

Here's the Thing

BMW conjures an Ultimate Driving Machine from its X5 M60i crossover

By Casey Williams

(April 14, 2024) Back in the waning days of the last century when the BMW X5 began production in South Carolina, the vehicle was intended to be an “ultimate driving machine” marinated with American spirit — an SUV that could go flat-out on the Autobahn…or Eisenhower’s Interstate.  Through four generations, the X5 has been a staple of the German automaker.  But what if we crossed an M5 super sedan with the X5 and threw in a hybrid system for extra kicks?  Then, you’d have the 2024 BMW X5 M60i.

Changing the clocks helps pedestrians, but hurts motorists

(April 12, 2024) Setting the clocks forward to better align the workday with the rising and setting of the sun makes pedestrians and bicyclists safer, though the net effect on overall fatal crashes is minimal, a new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows.

Why auto insurance costs are rising and what we can do about it

(April 11, 2024) CHICAGO — Across the country, auto insurance premiums are on the rise and many drivers are wondering why their rates have increased. The answer is for the simple reason that the cost of the things auto insurance pays for has been rising faster than premiums. This is exacerbated by inflation trends, legal system abuse, and in some states, regulatory uncertainty, according to the American Property Casualy Insurance Association.

Inside the Industry

Airbag-equipped Harley-Davidson smart vest offers crash protection

(April 15, 2024) MILWAUKEE — The new Harley-Davidson Smart Vest combines comfort and style with advanced airbag protection to offer riders peace of mind. Powered by proven D-air from Dainese Technology, the Harley-Davidson Smart Vest is designed to instantly deploy in the event of a collision on the chest and central back area to add potential impact absorption.

Ford recall of 42,000 Bronco Sports, Escapes being probed by NHTSA

(April 15, 2024) WASHINGTON — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into Ford's recall of more than 42,000 crossover over concerns of a fuel leak that could lead to an engine fire.

Eleven John Staluppi 'Cars of Dreams' to sell at auction

1954 Buick Skylark convertible

(April 13, 2024) SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Barrett-Jackson will offer 11 diverse vehicles with No Reserve from John Staluppi’s Cars of Dreams Collection during this year’s Palm Beach Auction, to be held at the South Florida Fairgrounds April 18-20. Among the highlights of the collection is an extensively customized Torch Red 1973 Corvette convertible and a restored 1954 Buick Skylark convertible that is one of 836 examples produced for that model year.

Abandoned Car of the Week

A Florida Wayfarer

The Dodge Wayfarer two-door sedan was built from 1949 through 1952. In 1950, it received a facelift as did the entire Dodge lineup. And for the 1951-52 model years the Wayfarer got another upgrade with a new hood and new front fenders. The 195-inch long Wayfarer was outfitted with a 230 cubic-inch Dodge straight six. Published 0-60 time was 17.4 seconds. This circa 1951 model was discovered in northern Florida.
(Photo by Jim Meachen)