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Mini expands new Mini Family with the 2025 Mini Cooper 4-door


(June 13, 2024) A few months after the launch of the new Mini Cooper 2 Door, the Mini Cooper 4-door is now joining the new Mini family. The Mini Cooper 4-door is characterized by the brand's signature driving fun, with more space, and functionality. These attributes make the five-seater truly unique in its segment, added with its unique design — a combination of tradition and modern, purist styling — and innovative assistance systems.

2024 Mustang Dark Horse

MIAMI — In racing, a “dark horse” is a long shot not expected to win a race but nevertheless retains some chance for success such as Mystik Dan, who went into this year’s Kentucky Derby saddled with 18-1 odds but nosed out the other 19 competitors at the wire. When it comes to cars, however, there is nothing long shot about the Dark Horse edition of the 2024 Ford Mustang. It is a pure winner, a real thoroughbred among performance coupes.

2024 Subaru Solterra

HERNDON, Va. — If you weren’t aware that Subaru had been offering a dedicated battery electric (BEV) for most of the past two years, you’re not alone. The Subaru Solterra, sharing a platform with the equally anonymous Toyota bZ4Z, has received little attention from Subaru’s marketing execs, and even less attention — if that’s possible — from the buying public.

2024 Chevy Colorado ZR2

MIAMI — For a 10-year period that ended late last year, Chevrolet urged us to “Find New Roads” in its advertising. Maybe they changed it because with vehicles like the 2024 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison pickup you don’t need to bother finding any roads, let alone new ones, to get where you want to go.

Vehicle of the Week

2024 Genesis G70 — Checking all the boxes

By David Boldt

(June 9, 2024) We’ll get this out of the way from the git-go: If looking for a sport sedan in a crowded parking lot, filled with the all-too-predictable inventory of crossovers, SUVs and big trucks, have your remote handy — ‘cause what you can’t see you might be able to hear. And at the Parking Spot near LAX Airport that’s exactly what I did; I couldn’t see the Genesis G70, but in hitting the unlock feature of its remote I was able to hear it.

Here's the Thing

Shock poll — Almost 40% of EV owners likely to go back to gas cars

McKinsey study finds EV owners
have cost, charging concerns

(June 13, 2024) More than a quarter of EV owners are likely to return to combustion engine vehicles for their next purchase, according to a McKinsey & Co. survey. Nearly 4 in 10 owners of electric vehicles in the U.S. are likely buy a combustion engine car for their next purchase.

New-vehicle prices continue to trend lower

Kelley Blue Book — May prices
down nearly 1% year over year

(June 12, 2024) ATLANTA — New-vehicle prices in May remained lower year over year for the eighth consecutive month, as higher inventory levels continued to hold downward pressure on transaction prices. Last month, according to estimates by Kelley Blue Book, the average transaction price (ATP) for a new vehicle in the U.S. was $48,389, statistically unchanged from the downwardly revised price of $48,368 in April. The new-vehicle ATP in May was lower year over year by 0.9%, approximately $442.

Is the EV hype over?

AAA finds interest in EVs declining
as Americans turn to hybrids

(June 10, 2024) ORLANDO, Fla. — The most recent annual consumer survey by AAA on electric vehicles (EVs) indicates a decline in consumer interest in purchasing EVs. Only 18% of U.S. adults say they would be “very likely” or “likely” to buy a new or used EV (not a hybrid) – down from 23% last year. Even more revealing, 63% cited “unlikely or very unlikely” to purchase an EV for their next car purchase.

Inside the Industry

Volkswagen says its 2025 lineup is 'as fresh as it gets'

Every VW vehicle updated
over the last two model years

(June 13, 2024) RESTON, Va. — Volkswagen of America has announced its changes for the 2025 model year.  With the Atlas family and ID.4 receiving significant changes for 2024 and the rest of the lineup all-new or refreshed for 2025, the Volkswagen range is "as fresh as it gets." Layering on more value for 2025, with an active Car-Net enrollment, most Volkswagen models will offer an available voice assistant with ChatGPT.

Hyundai's XCIENT fuel cell trucks achieve record of 10 million km

(June 13, 2024) SEOUL — Hyundai's XCIENT Fuel Cell electric heavy-duty trucks recently surpassed a cumulative driving distance of 10 million km (6.2 million miles) in Swiss fleet usage — a testament to the world-class hydrogen fuel cell technology’s long-term reliability. This achievement was made in just three years and eight months since the XCIENT Fuel Cell began fleet operations in Switzerland in October 2020.

Refreshed 2025 Honda Civic arrives with starting price of $25,345

(June 12, 2024) TORRANCE, Calif. — The 2025 Honda Civic Sedan begins arriving at Honda dealerships today with a brand-new member of the family — the Civic hybrid — arriving next week. The refreshed Civic lineup builds on the success of the 11th-generation Civic — the 2022 North American Car of the Year — with enhanced styling, new technology and an available powerful and efficient hybrid-electric powertrain.

Abandoned Car of the Week

Ready to be moved

This large diesel Army truck, which we think is from the decade of the '60s, was found on a trailer in Florida, perhaps headed for the scrap yard? An air conditioning unit sitting over the cab indicates this truck was used for hauling things (or people) that needed a cool interior.
(Photo by Jim Meachen)