Road Tests

Harold Gunn's Road Tests

Harold spends a tire-smoking week in a Challenger Hellcat


(December 1, 2017) The Automotive Reporter's Harold Gunn spent a week in a 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat with its 707 tire-smoking horsepower V8 — and managed to avoid a speeding ticket. We are sure it had more to do with luck than caution.

The now infamous Hellcat — also found in the Dodge Charger — is capable of 0-to-60 times in the upper reaches of 3 seconds and if you keep your foot in it a quarter mile will go by in 11.8 seconds at 126 mph.

Harold says new Jeep Compass 'beyond cool'


(June 8, 2017) Harold Gunn of the Automotive Reporter says the all-new 2017 Jeep Compass Trailhawk is "beyond cool." Jeep has revised the previously unloved Compass with a new, more-Jeep-like vehicle that in Trailhawk form can accomplish all the off-road chores that are usually assigned to the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee.

Harold likes the 2017 Chrysler 300 S AWD


(May 5, 2017) The Automotive Reporter's Harold Gunn talks about the attributes of the 2017 Chrysler 300 S AWD. Harold likes the 19-inch wheels that come on the S trim AWD as well as the sport-tuned suspension and the 10-speaker Beats Audi sound system.

Harold extols the virtues of Toyota's Prius Prime


(March 2, 2017) Styling has shown a marked improvement, Harold Gunn of the Automotive Reporter says, indicating he never was a fan of the styling of the outgoing Prius. 

Compared to the standard Prius, which was redesigned for the 2016 model year, the Prime version is outfitted with a larger battery that supports 25 miles of electric-only range. And it takes a rather short 5.5 hours via a standard 120-volt outlet to recharge.

Harold is impressed with new Buick LaCrosse


(February 9, 2017) The Buick LaCrosse was completely redesigned for the 2017 model year becoming one of the best large sedans sold in the U.S. It's quiet, comfortable and refined. Harold Gunn of the Automotive Reporter was predictively impressed with the newest car from Buick.

Harold labels the new Chrysler Pacifica a winner


(November 4, 2016) Chrysler moved back to the head of the minivan class with its all-new 2017 Pacifica. Its stylish looks, upscale interior, roomy cabin, and scads of convenience and features make it a top pick against the segment leaders Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna.

So there's no surprise that the Automotive Reporter's Harold Gunn also livery much liked the new minivan as he signs its praises in his weekly radio report.

The big, brawny Nissan Armada — Harold gives it a thumb's up


(October 28, 2016) Harold Gunn of Automotive Reporter fame talks about the all-new Nissan Armada finding it to his liking. The large body-on-frame Armada is all-new for 2017, a big improvement over the outgoing model.

The cabin is of high quality, loaded with features, offering a luxury feel regardless of trim level. The Armada shares its underpinnings with the upscale Infiniti QX80, which may be all you need to know. While crossover SUVs are all the rage, the big truck-based SUVs still have their place with the ability to haul and tow large loads.

Harold experiences the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider


(October 10, 2016) Harold Gunn loves the razor-sharp handling, quick acceleration and the overall thrill of driving a gorgeous open-air sports car fast and hard. But he finds the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider also comes with a loud engine noise, minimal interior accommodations and lack of storage space.

Harold says, don't bother to turn of the audio system. The wonderful sound of the engine will drown it out.

Is this a daily driver? Harold says probably not. But it sure is a blast to drive on a warm autumn day. Check out his review that appeared on the Automotive Reporter.

Harold chats up the Subaru Crosstrek


(August 31, 2016) Harold Gunn of the Automotive Reporter outlines the many attributes of Subaru's popular small crossover, the Crosstrek, which includes such desirable features as all-wheel drive, excellent fuel economy and plenty of room for passengers.

Of course, all Subarus have all-wheel drive and it makes the Crosstrek a good bet for navigating off-road destinations. While the Crosstrek drives like a car — it's based on the compact Impreza hatchback — but it has a higher ride height and beefed-up suspension components.

Harold samples Kia's newest vehicle — the Sportage


(June 3, 2016) — Harold Gunn of the Automotive Reporter spends time with a loaded Sportage, or as he calls it, the Spor-tage. And he discovers he very much likes the new compact crossover.

Kia addressed some long-running concerns of owners with the complete remake for the Sportage for the 2017 model year. Kia increased the passenger volume of the back seat, which is now more roomy than the outgoing model. And Kia has made the ride more compliant.