September 2018

Toyota helps paleontologists discover dinosaur bones in Wyoming

(September 27, 2018) INDIANAPOLIS — Two of the biggest blockbusters of the summer movie season revolved around prehistoric creatures making a comeback in the modern age.  In the wilds of the American West, Toyota supported a paleontology team from the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, as they embarked on an exciting journey through a long-lost world of dinosaurs.

Led by the museum’s Scientists-in-Residence, world-renowned paleontologists Dr. Phil Manning and Dr. Victoria Egerton, a team from the museum surveyed an undisclosed site in northern Wyoming.

Ford, Uber and Lyft announce agreement to share data on urban mobility

(September 27, 2018) NEW YORK — Ford Motor Company, Uber and Lyft have announced a commitment to SharedStreets, a new data platform designed to make it easier for the private sector to work with cities around the world and leverage data to improve urban mobility. The data sets pledged by the companies will provide the public and private sectors with new tools to manage curb space in order to reduce congestion and emissions that cause climate change; improve the efficiency of city streets by making it easier for everyone to get around; and save lives by preventing traffic crashes.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class —Point of entry to the world of premium sedans

(September 27, 2018) The family of compact cars from Mercedes-Benz continues to grow. The new A-Class sedan will be launched at the beginning of 2019 with a wheelbase of 107 inches and the proportions of a dynamic and at the same time compact sedan with short overhangs at the front and rear.

One of the last Studebakers

The Studebaker automobile company built cars from 1902 through 1966, a mainstream car-builder for more than 60 years before reaching an inglorious end with the closing of its last assembly plant in March 1966. This 1965 Cruiser sedan was discovered in retirement in Virginia, one of only 20,000 Studebaker's produced in 1965. 1965 Studebakers used a General Motors-sourced 230-cubic-inch 6-cylinder engine or a 283-cubic-inch V-8. Both engines were also used in Chevrolets.
(Photo by Ralph Gable)

Volkswagen to use virtual test drives for new driver-assistance systems

(September 26, 2018) WOLFSBURG, Germany —    In the future, Volkswagen intends to make new driver-assistance systems production-ready even faster by using virtual validation. The assistance systems of the next generation will learn from virtually generated driving situations. The brand expects this approach to make development processes faster and more efficient than real-world testing. In the long term, it is conceivable that millions of test miles required for validating automated driving could be completed in virtual environments.

Curate your own McLaren collection with new scale model 600LT

(September 26, 2018) As McLaren Automotive’s fastest, most powerful and focused Sports Series model to date hits the roads, a second version of the new 600LT is being readied to wow McLaren fans, of all ages. Box-fresh and affordable for all, this factory-approved 600LT is sporting perfection — in miniature.

New Volvo V60 Cross Country takes the wagon off the beaten path

(September 26, 2018) Volvo Cars has revealed the new 2019 Cross Country version of its V60. The rugged V60 Cross Country is the latest addition to the company’s line-up of new Volvos that underpins the company’s transformation in recent years. Like its V60 sibling that was launched earlier this year, the V60 Cross Country personifies the versatile family crossover utility vehicle. To that profile, it adds the capability on and off the beaten track that has defined Volvo’s Cross Country range since its introduction in 1997.

Help sought in locating the long-lost first Lotus Mark l

(September 25, 2018) Calling on enthusiasts, collectors and car hunters worldwide, Lotus needs your help in tracking down the long-lost Lotus Mark I, the first car built by company founder Colin Chapman. Despite its existence being well documented, the current whereabouts of the Mark I remain a mystery.

As the British marque continues its 70th year celebrations, it wants fans from around the world to pick up the trail of the most elusive Lotus ever — the competition car that the young engineer hand-built in a small London garage owned by his then girlfriend’s parents.

Automotive Alliance signs agreement with Google on next-gen infotainment

(September 25, 2018) Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and Google have announced a technology partnership to embed the Android operating system in vehicles sold by the world's leading automotive alliance, providing intelligent infotainment and customer focused-applications across multiple models and brands, scheduled to start in 2021.

2019 Civic gains sport trim, standard Honda Sensing, styling upgrades

(September 25, 2018) TORRANCE, Calif. — The 2019 Honda Civic sedan and coupe have received a number of upgrades aimed at further solidifying Civic's status as America's retail best-selling passenger car. Launching at Honda dealerships nationwide on Oct. 10, the refreshed Civic sedan and coupe will feature new design cues inside and out, standard Honda Sensing technology for all trims, and a new Display Audio system with physical buttons and a volume knob.