April 2011

Honda celebrates passing one million fan mark on Facebook

(April 30, 2011) Since the inception of the Honda brand Facebook page in August of 2009, fans have shared hundreds of pictures, stories, videos and moments showing their love of Honda. As the brand hits the one million fan mark, Honda is celebrating with "We're Fans of You Too" Week on Facebook by showing some personalized love back to its fans.

Pear trees planted in Fiat 500 cars line Canal Street, Avenue of the Americas

(April 30, 2011) NEW YORK — Fiat North America has contributed 12-foot pear trees that are temporarily planted in eight Fiat 500 cars through Sunday to participate in New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and New York Restoration Project's MillionTreesNYC effort.

12 gift ideas for Mopar mothers

(April 30, 2011) AUBURN HILLS (PRNewswire) — Mopar — Chrysler Group's service, parts and customer-care brand — has served up 12 gift ideas for mom and mom's ride.

"From safety kits to our industry-first Electronic Vehicle Tracking System, we have something for every Mopar mother out there," said Tricia Hecker, head of Mopar Marketing.

Regular gas inches toward $4 a gallon nationwide

(April 29, 2011) The average national gas pump price continues to edge toward the $4 mark, according to daily statistics released by AAA. The average pump price for regular today is $3.91.

Mid-grade is selling for $4.03, premium for $4.17 and diesel for $4.15.

865,000 GM SUVs being investigated for inaccurate fuel gauges

(April 29, 2011) Federal regulators are investigating inaccurate fuel gauges on 865,000 of the most popular sport utilities built by General Motors from model years 2005 through 2007.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it had received 668 complaints, including 58 in which the consumer said the vehicle stalled when it ran out of gas, even though the gauge indicated that fuel remained.

Kia reports $890 million first-quarter profit

(April 29, 2011) Kia Motors, which sports a revitalized lineup of cars and crossovers including the 2011 Optima and Sorento, reported today that first-quarter profit rose to 953.2 billion won ($890 million) from a revised 498.5 billion won a year earlier.

Goodyear Tire reports solid first quarter

(April 29, 2011) AKRON, Ohio (PRNewswire) — The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company today reported higher tire unit volumes, record sales and higher earnings for the first quarter of 2011.

"I'm very pleased with our outstanding first quarter results, they're an excellent first step on our path to our 2013 targets," said Richard J. Kramer, chairman and chief executive officer. 

Vauxhall delivers specially adapted car to Afghanistan soldier

(April 29, 2011) LUTON, UK —  Vauxhall’s Help for Heroes Ambassador Private Derek Derenalagi has taken delivery of a specially adapted Insignia Sports Tourer.

Derenalagi lost his legs in an explosion on military service in Afghanistan. To enable Derek to drive the vehicle, it is equipped with a hand control push/pull brake/accelerator, integral indicator switch and a quick release steering ball.

Ford's 'happy seat' improves life on the assembly line in Europe

(April 28, 2011) COLOGNE, Germany — When Henry Ford pioneered the moving assembly line, he could not have imagined that more than 100 years later, Ford Motor Company would still be refining and improving this seminal innovation.

Hyundai reports quarterly net income of $1.75 billion

(April 28, 2011) While the Japanese companies struggle to recover from the devastating earthquake, Hyundai Motor Co., based in South Korea, is moving ahead at warp speed.

It raised quarterly profit 46 percent as sales climbed in China, Europe and the U.S.