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Study finds 80 percent of current car shoppers influenced by gas prices

(March 7, 2011) IRVINE, Calif. (PRNewswire) — The still-slumping economy coupled with concern over the rise in gas prices has caused an increasing number of new car and used car shoppers to change their vehicle consideration criteria.  In February, four out of five car shoppers — 81 percent — said that gas prices have influenced vehicle considerations, up 11 percentage points over January. 

Flashy new cars in Geneva overshadowed by rising fuel costs.

(March 6, 2011) Amid the flash and excess that's typically featured at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show, rising oil costs are thrusting fuel-efficient vehicles into the show's limelight, reports Edmunds AutoObserver.

The show is open to the public through March 13.

Gas panic 2011: Hybrid/electric vehicles not the answer

(March 4, 2011) CHICAGO (PRNewswire) — As the price for a gallon of gasoline creeps over $4 a gallon — and shows no sign of slowing — many drivers are wondering if they should trade in their gas guzzler for something more fuel efficient, such as a hybrid or electric vehicle. 

According to the editors at the answer is most often "No."

Luxury market expected to lead huge rebound in auto leasing

(March 3, 2011) SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (PRNewswire) — ALG, the industry benchmark for residual values and depreciation data, today announced that it expects a significant resurgence in the automobile leasing market in 2011 that will continue through 2015.

Fuel-efficient cars are not always the most cost-efficient cars

(March 4, 2011) SANTA MONICA, Calif. — With gas prices surging, some consumers might think it's financially smart to go green. But according to, while buying hybrid and diesel cars might help save the environment, they may not actually help you save cash.

In "Why Hybrids and Diesels Don't Always Save You Money," helps consumers understand the value — or lack thereof — of choosing a green alternative to an equivalent gasoline model.

Automaker spending influenced by highest leasing level in years

(March 3, 2011) SANTA MONICA, Calif. — estimated today that the average automotive manufacturer incentive in the U.S. was $2,558 per vehicle sold in February 2011, essentially flat compared to January 2011, and down $99 — or 3.7 percent — from February 2010.

Five frugal tips for saving when gas prices soar

(March 2, 2011) HOUSTON (PRNewswire) — In its biggest jump since Hurricane Katrina disrupted Gulf refineries more than five years ago, the retail price for gasoline soared 19.4 cents, bringing the cost to $3.38 a gallon.

19 Percent of drivers say they use the Internet while driving

(March 2, 2011) BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (PRNewswire) — Results from an online survey conducted by State Farm and released today show an alarming number of drivers who use the Web while driving. 

In November, 2010, State Farm conducted a small "pulse check" to dig deeper into the growing use of smartphones among drivers.

Keyless ignition presents safety concerns, reports

(March 2, 2011) SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Keyless ignition might be a convenient feature for your automobile, but recent complaints and tragic incidents prove that it can also open up a whole new set of safety concerns, according to Edmunds'

Recent news reports, together with data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) complaint database, suggest a growing pattern of keyless-start-related mishaps.

Family of Chicago man killed in a Toyota Corolla wants answers

(March 1, 2011) CHICAGO (PRNewswire) — The family of a suburban Chicago man, who died last year when his Toyota vehicle suddenly accelerated and crashed, is demanding answers after the automaker announced another round of unintended acceleration recalls last week.