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National average gas price dips two cents

(April 26, 2024) With domestic gasoline demand decidedly in the doldrums and the cost of oil retreating, the national average dipped two cents since last week to $3.65.

2024 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 — The joy of Mercedes performance

ByJim Prueter

(April 26, 2024) The enormous and exquisite luxury Mercedes GLS 580 checks all the boxes of what you crave in an SUV answering the concerns of high-net-worth consumer's automotive trappings. With three spacious rows of seats, the cabin is a tour de force of advanced technological wonderment, an interior that looks stately with gorgeous materials and fine craftsman fit and finish and a drive quality where road noise and turbulence is difficult to recall and rather nothing more than a rumor.

Washington state auto loan delinquency increasing fastest

WalletHub study identifies
how states rank in delinquency

By Adam McCann
WalletHub financial writer

(April 25, 2024) Falling behind on debt payments can cause long-term credit score damage and cost you a lot of money. You'll rack up costly late fees even as your interest continues to build up. When it comes to auto loan debt, delinquency also has another dire consequence — after a long enough period of time, your car may even be repossessed.

Cox Automotive's five least expensive EVs in the first quarter

(April 24, 2024) Big discounts to move electric vehicles off dealership lots means consumers have a selection of vehicles priced below $41,000, according to data compiled by Cox Automotive. Automakers and retailers offered huge incentives — sometimes five-digit discounts — to sell EVs that lingered on dealership lots for more than 100 days in the first quarter of 2024.

Beat the heat with Hyundai's innovative Nano Cooling Film

Film blocks external heat energy
emitting internal heat to the outside

(April 23, 2024) SEOUL — Hyundai has launched the world’s first application of Nano Cooling Film, a revolutionary vehicle window tint that offers a significant improvement in interior cooling performance compared to conventional tint films. Nano Cooling Film maximizes heat dissipation by incorporating a nanostructure with excellent heat transfer characteristics. The innovative transparent film is expected to be more effective in hot and dry climates, as the cooling effect is optimized at higher outdoor temperatures.

2024 Lucid Air Pure — 'World's most powerful electric sedan'

By Dan Scanlan

(April 22, 2024) JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Lucid: expressed clearly; intelligible; bright or luminous. Air: essential to breathe. Pure: free or unadulterated. Put them together, and they make up the name of the base model of what its creators have called “the world’s most powerful and efficient luxury electric sedan.” And three years after I got an in-depth walk around of the first Lucid pre-production models at The Amelia concours d’elegance, it was finally my turn at the wheel of this very new EV luxury car company’s offering.

2024 KIA EV9 GT-Line — Three-row family friendly EV

By Jim Prueter

(April 19, 2024) Electric vehicles have nearly become ubiquitous with a wide variety of offerings from compact, midsize sedans, there's several trucks and varying sizes of SUV's. But the model that remains mysteriously evasive has been one with a third row of seats. Yes, there's a few offerings including the Rivian R1S and Tesla Model X but they can sell upwards of six figures and out of reach price wise except all but the well-heeled.

Despite overseas tensions, AAA predicts likely fall in gas prices

(April 19, 2024) Lackluster domestic demand for gasoline paired with decreasing oil prices led to the national average for a gallon of gas climbing just four cents to $3.67 since last week. With tensions running high over the past three weeks in the Middle East, the cost of oil reached the upper $80s per barrel. However, it has since fallen several dollars into the low $80s as the oil market watches to see if any further military actions occur.

Longstanding Q50 survives as lone sedan in Infiniti lineup

By Paul Borden

(April 18, 2024) The Q50 sedan was an all-new model when it was introduced as a replacement for the G37 in Infiniti’s lineup, but despite its double-digit age, it has gone through no major modifications and remains part of the vehicle’s first generation, a rare shelf-life in the automotive world. Not only that, with the discontinuation of the Q60 after the 2022 model, the 2024 Infiniti Q50 is the only sedan offering in the company’s five-vehicle portfolio. Crossover SUVs bearing QX designations fill out the lineup.

New-vehicle average transaction prices drop to lowest level in two years

Consumers have fewer affordable
options, only 8 vehicles under $25,000

(April 16, 2024) ATLANTA, — New-vehicle transaction prices (ATP) in March held mostly steady, according to an analysis by Kelley Blue Book, down 1% from the revised February ATP. Last month, the average transaction price of a new vehicle in the U.S. was $47,218, down 1% from March 2023 and down 5.4% from the market peak in December 2022. Still, new-vehicle prices in the U.S. remain higher by 15.5% compared to March 2021.