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2023 BMW X4 M Competition — An SUV all about performance

By Paul Borden

(August 28, 2023) High-octane performance is not usually what you expect from SUVs, even luxury makes, but there are exceptions. Not surprisingly, a prime example of an SUV that is all about horsepower and torque comes from Germany. The 2023 BMW X4 M Competition model that the company bills as a Sports Activity Coupe and most others call an SUV sports a 503-horsepower, turbocharged inline-6 engine that produces a whopping 479 pound-feet of torque.

Gas prices edge down, but further relief could face turbulence

(August 25, 2023) WASHINGTON, D.C. —The national average for a gallon of gas dropped four cents since last week, despite growing gas demand. However, the price of oil has declined several dollars per barrel and is holding steady below $80, contributing to lower pump prices. As Labor Day approaches, gas demand and volatile oil prices, particularly during an active hurricane season, could limit how much lower prices descend in the weeks ahead.

EV advanced tech more problematic than ICE vehicles

Genesis ranks highest overall for
tech innovation in J.D. Power study

(August 25, 2023) TROY, Mich.: 24 Aug. 2023 — Battery-electric vehicle (BEV) owners experience more problems with advanced technology than do owners of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, according to the J.D. Power 2023 U.S. Tech Experience Index (TXI) Study, released today. The study focuses on the user experience with advanced vehicle technology as it first comes to market and is an early measure of problems encountered by vehicle owners.

2023 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X AEV — GMC's new off-road brute

By Jim Prueter

(August 21, 2023) Yikes! I'm well aware that full-sized pickup trucks have gotten expensive but wowser — over $90,000 for the well-equipped half-ton GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X AEV Edition? As it is we were already impressed with the GMC AT4X sans the AEV Edition gear add-on package that's an extra $6,895 to its standard vehicle price of an already stratospheric $81,700.

Gas prices up 31 cents in a month despite dip in oil prices

(August 18, 2023) WASHINGTON, D.C. — The national average for a gallon of gas staggered five cents higher since last week, despite lower demand and the price of oil falling several dollars per barrel and struggling to stay above $80. But the potential for hurricane development and forecasts of an expanding heat dome over Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas next week could push oil prices higher. Refineries in these states may have to curb production to deal with the sizzling temperatures.

Your auto’s safety net — Lifesaving potential of driving assistance tech

AAA forecasts that 37 million crashes
could be prevented over next 30 years

(August 18, 2023) Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are the eyes and ears of your car. They use sensors and cameras to detect potential hazards, warn drivers, and can take corrective action automatically. These safety systems are common on new vehicles, and they have the potential to save lives by preventing crashes — but how many?

Public charging issues may short-circuit EV growth, J.D. Power finds

Volta, Tesla Supercharger rank
highest in respective segments

(August 17, 2023) TROY, Mich. — While automakers continue to introduce new electric vehicles (EVs) and experience growth in market share, the beleaguered public vehicle charging infrastructure has not kept pace. If anything, it is falling further behind. The recent move to open Tesla Superchargers to non-Tesla owners could improve the situation, but such effort might not be the answer that some suggest, as overall satisfaction continues to decline, according to the J.D. Power 2023 U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Public Charging Study released Wednesday.

IIHS — Most midsize cars struggle in rear-seat safety test

Honda Accord shines in IIHS's
moderate overlap front crash test

(August 16, 2023) The Honda Accord outperformed other midsize cars in the updated moderate overlap front crash test, earning a rare good rating in the new, challenging evaluation focused on rear-seat protection. Among the other six midsize cars tested, the Subaru Outback earns an acceptable rating. The Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry are rated marginal. The Hyundai Sonata, Kia K5 and Volkswagen Jetta are rated poor.

2024 Mazda CX-90 —New three-row beauty from Mazda

Big, wide, and powerful — drives
more like a BMW than a Mazda

By Jim Prueter

(August 17, 2023) When you think of Mazda what do you imagine? If you're sensing a nearly forgotten Japanese brand whose sales are continually pummeled by other Japanese competitors like Toyota, Honda and, Nissan you're not alone. However, do a bit of research, slip behind the wheel of the brand's all-new full-size three-row family hauling SUV and you're in another level of the multiverse. In this new reality, the CX-90 might just be the pick of the litter competing against stalwarts like Toyota Grand Highlander, Nissan Pathfinder, Hyundai Palisade and others in this class vehicle.

Gas prices continue to be stuck in neutral

(August 11, 2023) WASHINGTON, D.C. — The national average for a gallon of gas has been hovering around $3.82 for the past ten days, a noteworthy length for price stability. This lack of price movement came despite an uptick in gas demand and rising oil prices approaching the mid-$80s per barrel.