Shock poll — Almost 40% of EV owners likely to go back to gas cars

McKinsey study finds EV owners
have cost, charging concerns

(June 13, 2024) More than a quarter of EV owners are likely to return to combustion engine vehicles for their next purchase, according to a McKinsey & Co. survey. Nearly 4 in 10 owners of electric vehicles in the U.S. are likely buy a combustion engine car for their next purchase.

That's the takeaway of a global McKinsey & Co. consumer survey that, among other findings, concluded that charging concerns are hindering the transition to EVs. Twenty-nine percent of EV owners across the globe said they're likely to reverse course. That hit 38 percent in the U.S.

Consumers globally said their top concern was the inadequacy of the public charging infrastructure. They also cited concerns with high costs of ownership and detrimental impact to long-distance trips.

"I didn't expect that," Philipp Kampshoff, leader of the consulting firm's Center for Future Mobility, told Automotive News. "I thought, 'Once an EV buyer, always an EV buyer.' "

The consumer sentiments may go hand in hand with the slow rollout of a U.S.-backed charging network. Only eight stations are operational following the creation of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program two years ago. Only 23 states have started doling out financing from the $5 billion federal program, according to EVAdoption data through the end of May.

Among existing stations, both public and private stations can be hard to find. Gas station options are displayed on road signage near interstate exits, while EV chargers remain far from public view.

Source: Automotive News