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Oil costs likely to tick up pushing pump prices higher

(February 9, 2024) WASHINGTON, D.C. — Sticking to the slow lane since last week, the national average for a gallon of gas dipped slightly for a few days before rising a fraction of a cent higher to $3.15. However, seasonal demand trends, higher costs for oil, and routine refinery maintenance will likely push pump prices slowly higher soon.

Maverick fanbase grows; sales double as Ford expands production

(February 6, 2024) In 32 years of driving, Jay Whitehurst has never owned a truck. He’s also never owned a Ford. But after moving from New Orleans to a hay farm in rural Mississippi, lugging cans of diesel for farm equipment and animal food in the back of his Kia Soul just wasn’t going to cut it. That’s when someone told him about the Ford Maverick.

Study examines characteristics of fatal roadside worker crashes

AAA Foundation study
reveals disturbing picture

(February 3, 2024) Struck and killed — nearly four times more than reported.  It’s the chilling reality for roadside assistance providers, including tow truck drivers, mobile mechanics, emergency roadside technicians, and safety service patrols who put themselves at risk every day to help others.  A new study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reveals a disturbing picture of the dangers faced by those working on the side of the road, and the numbers may be getting worse.

Gas prices slowly edge up as oil costs rise

(February 2, 2024) WASHINGTON, D.C. — The national average for a gallon of gas rose by a nickel since last week to $3.15. The upward trend is likely a combination of oil costs edging into the upper $70s per barrel and normal seasonal increases as winter eases and demand for gas creeps higher.

Most new booster seats earn highest IIHS rating

(February 1, 2024) Forty-seven out of 54 booster seats introduced last year earn the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s highest rating of BEST BET. The BEST BET rating means a booster provides good seat belt fit for typical 4- to 8-year-olds in almost any car, minivan or SUV. Boosters that are rated GOOD BETs provide acceptable belt fit in almost any vehicle, while those rated Check Fit could work for some children in some vehicles. Seats designated “Not Recommended” don’t provide good belt fit and should be avoided.

Edmunds honors the 'Best Vehicles on Sale Today' 2024

Kia EV9 three-row EV wins Edmunds'
Top Rated Best of the Best award

(January 29, 2024) SANTA MONICA, Calif.  — The car shopping experts at Edmunds has announced the winners of the Edmunds Top Rated Awards 2024. Presented annually, the awards recognize the best vehicles on sale today — irrespective of when they were launched — and represent the pinnacle of Edmunds' industry-leading testing efforts. Each year, the Edmunds editorial team tests 300-plus vehicles, driving more than 500,000 miles to deliver the definitive Edmunds Rating, the foundation of the Edmunds Top Rated Awards.

Pacifica carries on Chrysler tradition in minivan history

By Paul Borden

(January 28, 2024) Chrysler came up with the concept of the minivan for family transportation —especially those families with three or more children — 40 years ago and I would argue that nobody has come up with anything better since.

Drive Toward a Cure partners with classic car builder Shawn Killion

1932 Ford Roadster raises awareness
of Young-onset Parkinson’s Disease

(January 26, 2024) LOS ANGELES — When custom Hot Rod builder Shawn Killion contacted non-profit foundation Drive Toward a Cure to merge their version of Cars and Camaraderie with his support for Parkinson’s, his latest ‘build’ of a 1932 Ford Roadster ‘Speedway Special’ was key to both entities bringing awareness to Young-onset Parkinson’s Disease. 

Gas prices end up close to where they started

(January 26, 2024) WASHINGTON, D.C. — After making a brief weekend trip to $3.07, the national average for gas edged higher by one penny since last week to $3.10. The meandering journey is likely caused by low gas demand countered by slightly higher costs for oil.  The result is a pump price stalemate.

Toyota CALTY time traveler — Four Toyotas that defined their time

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

(January 23, 2024) Automobiles play a prominent role in American history, often portrayed as symbols of the American dream itself — and for good reason. They represent mobility. However, there isn’t one vehicle that captures every facet of our culture. Nor should there be. Our history is as diverse as our society is today.