Volvo S90 — A world-class sedan

By David Finkelstein

Within the global auto industry, being uniquely different is categorically a "good thing" if you want to attract various buyers and reach out to a larger customer base. Volvo took this philosophy a bit further with the introduction of the premium 2018 S90 four-door luxury sedan.

I think it's fair to suggest that this amazing “world-class” sedan is one of the reasons that Volvo is reporting elevated sales growth month after month with this extraordinary flagship automobile governing their product mix.

This exciting and revolutionary new Volvo is now featured with a standard longer wheelbase (when compared to the out going version), adding a class leading 4.5 inches of additional interior legroom. When combined with its rear seat massage feature, it helps set the stage for passengers to travel within a heightened level of comfort and elegance.

This can even be enhanced with the upgraded $3,200 Bowers & Wilkins Premium Audio System. This stellar audio setup is brings uncompromised fidelity. The car's interior sanctuary is well crafted with high end premium materials amidst a whisper quiet and inviting environment. Fit and finish is exceptional. The 2018 S90 is available with basically two trim levels, Momentum and Inscription.

A number of variations are offered for helping to customize your vehicle with the factory option packages. Their T5 front-wheel-drive Momentum variant has a base price of $48,100 and comes with a 250-horsepower 4-cyl turbo engine. The Volvo S90 T6 all-wheel-drive Momentum model has a price point of $54,100 and is equipped with the 316-horsepower supercharger/turbo 4-cyl engine.

Next is the T6 AWD Inscription model. It has an MSRP of $58,600 and it has the same 316-HP engine. Their premium T8 E-Momentum build combination starts at $63,650 and is powered by a 313-horsepower supercharged/turbo four cylinder. The top end T8 E-AWD Inscription stickers out at $68,750 and with a Plug-in Hybrid powertrain, it reflects some 400-commanding horsepower.

Luxury accessory packages are available from the factory and depending on the trim level, single options include: electronic all-wheel-drive, metallic paint, heated steering wheel, heads-up driver's display, optional tire and wheel packages, and their premium air ride suspension for a $1,200 up charge. Worth noting is the fact that included as standard is an electronically controlled rear side window shades and a standard panoramic sunroof.

The highly advanced Superchargers deliver low-end torque and rapid acceleration and response. Volvo Cars's electromagnetic clutch-operated supercharger is one of the fastest and the smoothest in production. The supercharger delivers 6-cylinder power when you want it along side with 4-cylinder fuel economy. The Turbo system delivers exceptional horsepower. For instance, below 3500 rpm, both the supercharger and turbo are active. On the other hand, above 3500 rpm, only the turbo is applied. Volvo uses a large turbo unit, combining low back-pressure and high boost pressure capacity at high revolutions for maximum power output. When combined, the supercharger and turbo charger deliver a smooth, consistent and compelling boost to your drive experience. The factory recommends using premium 91+ octane fuel.

The innovative eight-speed automatic transmission is certainly a vital integrated part of their powertrain technology. The higher number of gears means that the engine's torque and power band can be utilized more efficiently throughout it's operating range. The top two gears come under the heading of overdrive, which of course helps to save on fuel when cruising at a interstate speed.

Depending on the car's trim level, the light weight all-wheel-drive system channels the engine's power between the front and rear wheels in a seamless manor with the help of both electronic and mechanical componentry.

This five passenger luxury vehicle comes standard with semi-autonomous drive functionality and also features a 9-inch center dash mounted "tablet" touch screen interface similar to an iPad. Its overall operation can be somewhat baffling until you get accustom to it.

The S90 was recently given top safety ratings for its Autonomous Emergency Braking system and as expected, their appears to be almost countless on-board safety technologies with-in this head turning modern sedan.

Volvo's semi-autonomous driving system is referred to as Pilot Assist and is quite advanced in helping to augment as a co-pilot of sorts! Additional driver input is adjustable with a rotary controller in which you can select from: comfort, eco and dynamic driving modes. Steering, braking ride dynamics and handling are on par with the likes of any similar high end automobile as well.

The S90 T6 AWD Inscription I drove carried a $69,140 pricetag after options. It is rated at 22-mpg city and 31-mpg with highway driving. The base warranty is 48-months/50,000-miles as well as complimentary scheduled maintenance service for 3-years/36,000-miles.