Mercedes-Benz introduces all-new 2024 GLC Coupe

(March 15, 2023) The all-new 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe will arrive in U.S. dealerships later in 2023 with "stylish design and dynamic driving performance." The new GLC Coupe comes into its own as the sporty sibling of the GLC SUV, rounding off the best-selling Mercedes-Benz model range. The first impression, before the GLC Coupe even starts, embodies elegance, dynamism and off-road adventure.

Mercedes says, "striking proportions, dramatic surfaces and precisely shaped edges define the distinctive design, complemented by a high quality interior." The new GLC Coupe combines sporty performance with high efficiency. It is available as a mild hybrid with 48-volt technology and an integrated starter-generator for an extra boost and energy recuperation.

And the new GLC Coupe is at home on almost any terrain. Whether on- or off-road, it impresses with its comfort and agility thanks to standard sport suspension. Off-road, the Coupe benefits from numerous features such as 4MATIC all-wheel drive. The off-road screen and the "transparent hood" as an element of the standard Surround View 360-degree camera further enhance the driving experience.

The GLC Coupe uses a 255-hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine with an overboost function that punches out an additional 23 horsepower for short periods. All-wheel drive and a nine-speed automatic transmission are also standard. Performance has been measured at 6.2 seconds from 0-to-60.

The high standards of the new GLC Coupe are evident in every detail. The hardware and software of the latest generation of the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system are even more intuitive.

Brilliant images in the 12.3-inch driver display and 11.9-inch central display make it easy to control vehicle and comfort functions. The two LCD screens present clear and structured information. The full-screen navigation gives the driver the best possible route guidance. MBUX Augmented Video for navigation is available as an option.

A camera registers the surroundings in front of the vehicle. The central display shows the moving images and also superimposes virtual objects, information and markers. These include traffic signs, directional arrows, lane-change recommendations and addresses. This makes navigation much easier, especially in city environments.

The "Hey Mercedes" intuitive voice assistant is increasingly effective in responding to natural language and user preferences. Music streaming services can be seamlessly integrated into MBUX, including personal settings, allowing customers to enjoy a personalized music experience in the vehicle.