Infiniti Middle East launches soundtrack created by sounds of cars

(February 26, 2015) DUBAI, UAE — Infiniti Middle East has announced the launch of "Chromatic," an audio composition and animation made entirely from the sounds and shapes of the Infiniti range. Both the video and sound track are set to be distributed globally by Universal Music Group.

Ideated in April 2014 with agency TBWA-Raad, Infiniti sought to create a library of sound generated by elements of the cars themselves: brakes, tire spins, gear shifts, seatbelt clicks, exhaust roars and internal alerts.

"This is the first time an automotive maker in this region has created a track purely for general release to live and breathe as artistic testament to our brand's values, inspired performance," said Francesca Ciaudano, Deputy General Manager, Marketing and PR, Infiniti Middle East.

The vehicles used to create this "Inspired Performance" included the QX80, QX70, QX60 and the Q50 sedan. Megadon Betamax, a respected global producer and composer, brought the piece to life. A classically trained musician, popular DJ and founder of Voyeur Rhythm Records, Betamax worked from scratch to deliver a piece that was contemporary, bold, enjoyable and shareable.

"When the idea was first brought to me, I was excited," said Betamax. "It was definitely going to be a challenge. I live and breathe music, but I also love cars. The chance to create a truly unique and creative piece of musical art working with one of the world's premium automotive brands was a chance to give myself a real creative challenge. I wanted to craft a sound that framed the performance and power of these engines while building momentum and energy, musical crescendo and a foot-tapping tune. Most people that have heard the track so far don't believe it's entirely made from car sounds, and that's what I wanted. I'm proud of this piece."

Infiniti and TBWA-Raad approached talented animator and videographer Misha Shyukin to create the complex visuals, designed to illustrate each beat and note. These visuals were to be created using the designs of the Infiniti cars with the theme of arabesque patterns of Middle Eastern Art, its intricate patterns, symmetry and shapes.

Every frame is made up entirely of elements of the cars used to create the sound — a series of over 150 elaborate designs created from the curves of the QX80, QX70, QX60 and the Q50 sedan.

"We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished with the launch of 'Chromatic'," said Ciaudano. "Infiniti is a premium automotive brand that constantly strives to challenge the norm and do things differently. 'Chromatic' is a perfect example.  We've taken two very different industries (automotive and creative arts) and collaborated to deliver something that is emotively stimulating, both to look at and to hear. With the support of Universal Music Group, we're excited to share Chromatic with a global audience. We're sure that everyone will thoroughly enjoy this truly unique production."

A project eight months in the making, the resulting composition of the "Chromatic" audio/video clip can be viewed on Facebook at Infiniti Fan page. Those keen on having this "get up and go" track on their Smartphone, mp3 player or for playback in their car stereo can download it on Sound Cloud at Through the Universal Music Group, the content will be available on popular music platforms iTunes, Anghami, Deezer and Spotify.