Huber pays homage to the Lamborghini Aventador revealing the ERA

(January 14, 2021) Huber is a bespoke coach builder based in the United Arab Emirates with an international audience of super car owners who seek excellence and world class quality when it comes to reimagine their vehicles Entitled ‘Era’ to mark 10 years of the Lamborghini Aventador, and to pay homage to the end of its production, the team has focused on creating a new kind of aero package that pays homage to the original Aventador DNA. The Huber Era aspires to usher in a new way that automotive design thinks about the aftermarket.

The brand will be honoring the end of the Lamborghini Aventador production with a facelift of this Italian supercar, showcased through the publication of 13 images and one video.

Spearheaded by founder Sean-Peter Huber and a team of passionate designers who share a common vision and journey that goes back to their university days as students of automotive design. This new generation of designers are driven by the common understanding that the aftermarket can apply new aesthetic elements and functionalities to the techniques of OEM design studios to create a new, improved rendition on some of the world’s most revered super cars.

The unique design endeavor by the Dubai-based company replaces the front and rear bumpers with an entirely new design in carbon fiber, and an optional carbon fiber bonnet for customers and distributors worldwide. Additionally, the parts will be available in exposed carbon fiber in various hues.

Huber notes, “While we might be the new kid on the block, we feel that when designing new aero packages for a car, you have to consider both a clean sheet of paper and the North Star of its pre-existing DNA as your guide.”

Huber’s founding mission was to give rise to one-off designs, over the years, the company has developed and evolved a diverse design collection ready for production. The team aims to get many of these designs on the road, and, as Huber explains, “the ERA is just the beginning of a range of designs we wish to bring to fruition.”

The car they have been working on needs no introduction: “The Aventador has a large following, and many aftermarket players have added their visions to this car. Expectations are high, so we knew to take our time to get it right; and we’ve enjoyed the journey."

The brand is on a mission to build a new community of collectors and car enthusiasts. Their passion for car design has put them in uncharted territory that has the potential to open the automotive design world up to a new way of thinking about the aftermarket.

The fully funded project is independent of Lamborghini and production is complete with bumper units already promised to selected collectors who have been supporting Huber’s vision from the start. Huber is excited to debut the ERA and is open to partnerships worldwide.