Giant Audi TT statue finds permanent home in Ingolstadt, Germany

(July 2009) INGOLSTADT, Germany — Visitors to this German city will be amazed at a new landmark that was unveiled on July 13.  Marking Audi’s 100th anniversary, a giant Audi TT was unveiled in the grassy area within the Audi roundabout by Dr. Werner Widuckel (left above), a board member at Audi, and Ingolstadt Mayor Dr. Alfred Lehmann.

The steel-frame construction, which has already been shown in Berlin, Beijing, Hong Kong and Munich, is 33 feet long, 15 wide, 10.5 feet high, and weighs about 10 tons.

“We’re delighted that this car has found a new home in this prominent and highly frequented traffic junction in Ingolstadt,” Widuckel said at the official presentation of the sculpture. “From now on, the sculpture will both adorn the center of the Audi roundabout and serve as a symbol of the company’s strong ties with the city and region.”

The large-format Audi TT is a true high-tech product — the model car’s components include glass-fiber laminate and Neopor foam, and it features 480 square feet of painted surface.

Produced especially for the “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative, the sculpture stood at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin back in 2006, and later featured in Beijing and Hong Kong, as well as at the Allianz Arena in Munich. It was brought by heavy transporter to Ingolstadt and on July 10 was lifted by crane onto its base in the middle of the Audi roundabout.