TrueCar's December site traffic jumps 50% as car-buying process evolves

(December 31, 2014) SANTA MONICA, Calif. — TrueCar saw a year-over-year spike in unique visitor volume in December as more consumers accessed the site via mobile devices.  In fact, mobile users led the way with over 90 percent growth.

Unique visitors to totaled 3.7 million in December versus 2.4 million a year ago. This increase coincides with reinvigorated consumer confidence that helped push's unique visitor count to a one-day record high of nearly 200,000 on Dec. 27.

"The future of car buying is mobile," said Scott Painter, TrueCar CEO and founder.  "At TrueCar we are seeing a radical adoption of this technology among modern buyers."

The jump in visitors to TrueCar's site via smartphone, tablet and desktop computers comes as December auto sales, aided by holiday and year-end promotions, are on pace to hit nearly 1.5 million units, the best in a decade. TrueCar expects automakers to close out 2014 with a combined 16.5 million units, a sales level not seen since 2007.

Downloads of TrueCar's smartphone app surpassed 1.3 million downloads at the end of November. The mobile app's Price Check feature, introduced earlier this year for iOS devices, was made available for Android phones in November, enabling users to get real time pricing while on TrueCar Certified Dealer lots simply by scanning VIN stickers.

Looking ahead to 2015, TrueCar is focused on further enhancing the mobile experience for customers and improving the sales process for TrueCar Certified Dealers.

"There's a tipping point when consumers understand they can use their mobile devices to buy a car, and TrueCar hit that in December," said Neeraj Gunsagar, the company's chief revenue officer.  "When it comes to big ticket purchases, people in general have felt more secure in front of their desktop. Today mobile is undergoing a similar evolution, but at a much faster pace."