L.A. Auto Show gets new logo to reflect show's growth

(May 29, 2014) LOS ANGELES — One hundred seven years ago, an amazing phenomenon called the Los Angeles Auto Show took root. From day one, the show became a lifelong celebration of the automobile, a valued marketing partner and a welcome gathering site for the auto industry.

Today’s show is not yesterday’s prototype. It has evolved dramatically from its early days. It now plays a vital role as the nexus of a worldwide, future-facing automotive network, a virtual Who’s Who of What’s Next.

While the LA Auto Show continues to be a center stage for the world’s press to see the latest vehicle debuts firsthand, it also brings together the key players shaping today’s auto ecosystem.

Starting Nov.18, 19 & 20, the Los Angeles Convention Center will host the leading thinkers and doers responsible for this new era of transportation. The events we’ve planned, including the Connected Car Expo and Connected City Summit, will help spark innovation and enable new businesses to grow in ways as unprecedented as they are electrifying. From Nov. 21 – 30, the show then opens its doors to the public to share the vision of the future with discerning automotive shoppers.

To put an appropriate face on this change, the L.A. Auto Show today unveils its new logo and retires the mark that served so well for two decades.

The new logo, which adds an imaginative twist to the classic LA letterform, is a visual representation of the changes that were being fine-tuned for the last several years. The Show’s intent is to better serve our partners and help create a more modern, nimble and innovative auto industry.

The new logo reflects our own modernization while holding true to the style and attitude that makes LA the car culture capital of the world, a hotbed of design, a burgeoning tech epicenter, a global trendsetter and the preferred home of the rich and famous.