Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor helps car shoppers in vehicle purchase

(July 18, 2017) IRVINE, Calif. — Kelley Blue Book wrote the book on car pricing, literally, earning the trust of car shoppers and dealers for the last 90 years. In fact, more consumers use Kelley Blue Book's to research pricing and compare vehicles than any other third-party site, and the industry leader connects with the most female and millennial buyers, nearly double the competition.

Nevertheless, negotiating a fair purchase price of a new or used vehicle remains one of the most frustrating parts of the car buying process for consumers.

To alleviate price pressure and align both shopper and dealer expectations, the Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor, which is the focus of the brand's new "We Wrote the Book" national marketing campaign, provides guidance and confidence into how much prospective car buyers should pay for their next vehicle.

"With 83 percent of car buyers utilizing third-party sites like when researching and shopping for a vehicle1, it's critical that we deliver a helpful, high-quality online experience to every Kelley Blue Book user, especially when it comes to price," said Jessica Stafford, vice president of marketing at Kelley Blue Book.

"Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor helps car shoppers buy with confidence, and with our continued expansion of other tools to revolutionize car research, we continue to build our reputation as the most trusted advisor for the complete vehicle shopping experience."

Kelley Blue Book's pricing valuations are unparalleled. Updated weekly by Kelley Blue Book's team of vehicle valuation analysts, data scientists and statisticians, the Kelley Blue Book Fair Market Range of a vehicle is determined by deploying a two-pronged art (market insights) and science (market data) approach. Influences taken into consideration include what others have paid for similar vehicles in the area, current market conditions, vehicle availability, local demand, seasonal buying trends and macroeconomic factors.

Besides data in Kelley Blue Book's own Electronic Data Warehouse, tremendous amounts of data are available through Cox Automotive sister companies Manheim, Autotrader, vAuto and a host of other industry leading resources. This provides Kelley Blue Book a full-spectrum view of the market from wholesale through retail, supply and demand, and remarketing to financing and long-term ownership.

Developed with Los Angeles advertising agency Zambezi, the Kelley Blue Book "We Wrote the Book" marketing campaign targets men and women 18-49 years old and will be shared in two formats (:30/:15) across cable, network and streaming television platforms, as well as digital media, with a focus on sports and entertainment programs.