Gas prices hold steady after the holiday season

(January 9, 2018) The national gas price average has held steady at $2.49 for nine straight days. Many motorists across the country are seeing more expensive gas prices at most six cents on the week, while prices are cheaper for a select few states: Indiana (-10 cents), Ohio (-7 cents), Michigan (-6 cents), Kentucky (-4 cents), Illinois (-2 cents), Colorado (-1 cent), Montana (-1 cent), New Mexico (-1 cent) and Washington, D.C. (-1 cent), according to weekly statistics compiled by AAA.

“On average, gas prices are 12 cents more expensive than a year ago. However, on the week consumer demand for gasoline decreased. If this continues, gas prices will decrease in the weeks ahead,” said Jeanette Casselano, AAA spokesperson.

Motorists can find gas for $2.50 or less at 64 percent of gas stations nationwide. The cheapest gas can be found in Missouri ($2.23).

Quick Stats

    The nation’s top 10 states with the largest monthly changes are: Alaska (-13 cents), New Mexico (-11 cents), Colorado (-10 cents), Illinois (+9 cents), Delaware (+9 cents), Idaho (-9 cents), Michigan (+9 cents), Utah (-8 cents), Wyoming (-8 cents) and Maryland (+7 cents).

    The nation’s top 10 states with least expensive gasoline are: Missouri ($2.23), Arkansas ($2.24), Oklahoma ($2.25), South Carolina ($2.25), Alabama ($2.25), Texas ($2.25), Mississippi ($2.26), Louisiana ($2.27), Tennessee ($2.28) and Kansas ($2.28).