California gas prices approaching highest level since 2014

(October 3, 2019) BOSTON — California's average gas price stands at $4.05 per gallon, just seven cents away from the highest level since July 11, 2014, nearly 2,000 days ago. Los Angeles has surpassed its 2019 peak price and now stands at $4.15 per gallon, the highest level since July 28, 2015, some 1,526 days ago, according to GasBuddy.

San Francisco average gasoline prices are just seven cents per gallon away from breaching their 2019 peak and reaching the highest level since July 11, 2014.

GasBuddy predicts that average gasoline prices throughout the state will likely continue to surge an additional 20-50 cents per gallon over the next week or so as several refineries had encountered setbacks at the same time other refineries are undergoing maintenance. Limited ability for gasoline to be sent to California during times of disruption is one of the main reasons for the skyrocketing price.

The West Coast has 27 refineries in operation today, down by more than half from 1983, when 55 refineries were in operation. Prices continue to surge due to CARB-mandated fuels, which are not easy to produce, in addition to the nation's highest gas tax and also carbon program adding to the price of fuel.