October 2016

Fully restored 'Serial One' Honda N600 revealed

(October 19, 2016) TORRANCE, Calif. — Since March, Honda has taken viewers on an in-depth journey of the restoration of the very first Honda automobile in America, the N600 with Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 1000001, called "Serial One." The final episode, which aired Tuesday, marks the end of the 12-episode documentary series that has chronicled the meticulous, step-by-step restoration of the N600 through the eyes Los Angeles-based mechanic Tim Mings.

Used commercial truck volume increases, breaks from summer lull

(October 18, 2016) MCLEAN, Va. — According to findings in NADA Used Car Guide's recent Commercial Truck Guidelines report, a summer lull in used auction volume ended in September. Analysis points out a jump to activity levels not seen since this past spring.

In spite of the increase in wholesale auction volume, prices were not notably impacted for the month. According to Chris Visser, senior commercial truck analyst at NADA Used Car Guide, "Our benchmark model went for the same amount of money as last month for most model years."

Mustang enthusiasts in Belgium scoop up the iconic Ford

(October 18, 2016) It may not be the first country that first comes to mind for sports cars, but drivers in Belgium have fallen head over heels for the new Ford Mustang. Of more than 21,000 new Mustangs that Ford has now sold across Europe, 1,600 went to Belgian enthusiasts. That’s one for every 4,693 of the country’s 7,659,000 drivers — a far higher proportion than anywhere else in Europe.

Retired Michigan Oldsmobile 88

In 1962, the full-sized Oldsmobile 88 was in its fifth generation (1961-1964). The base Dynamic 88 was powered by the 280-horsepower Jetfire Rocket V-8 while the Super 88 received the 394 Skyrocket V-8 making 330-horsepower. Both models were outfitted with a 3-speed Roto Hydra-Matic transmission. This 1962 model was found enjoying retirement in Munger, Mich.
(Photo by Jim Prueter)

2017 Nissan Rogue to start under $25,000

(October 17, 2016) NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nissan has announced U.S. pricing for the new 2017 Rogue crossover, which is on sale now at Nissan dealers nationwide. Pricing starts at $24,760 including destination charge for the Rogue S front-wheel drive model. The top trim SL AWD begins at $32,250.

Cadillac and Visionaire show robot-artist at work

(October 17, 2016) NEW YORK — Cadillac and Visionaire recently unveiled the newest exhibit at Cadillac House, “AUTOPORTRAIT.” The exhibit features a welding robot, similar to the robots found on the assembly lines building Cadillac vehicles, coded to be a human-like artist. Any Cadillac House guest will be able to have their portrait sketched by robotic artist ADA0002.

Taking fuel cells to the battlefield

By Christopher A. Sawyer
The Virtual Driver

(October 17, 2016) Chevy’s Colorado ZH2 is more than 6.5 feet tall and seven feet wide, rides on 37-in. offload tires, has a stretched chassis, and has been reinforced for severe duty. It is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, and has an Exportable Power Take-Off (EPTO) that lets soldiers use the fuel cell to power electrical items away from the vehicle.

The people's electric vehicle

By Christopher A. Sawyer
The Virtual Driver

(October 16, 2016) If you are Volkswagen, and have been caught deliberately cheating on diesel emission test globally, you’d better quickly do something to atone for your sins agains the environment. So,
just in time for the Paris Motor Show, VW announced the concept version of the I.D. (The production model will launch in 2020.) And while the company didn’t say what the initials stand for, it said all future VW drivers will be given their own individual profile or identity that will bring personalized settings (seats, climate control, radio stations and songs, ambient lighting, navigation settings, contact details, etc.) into the car by using their smartphone.