Toyota Highlander — Modern family transportation

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

For several years the mid-sized Highlander crossover SUV has been a sales juggernaut for Toyota. And Toyota has apparently hit the right notes with a refreshed 2017 Highlander featuring an engine upgrade and a new 8-speed automatic transmission. It's fourth in total sales at Toyota through the first seven months of the year trailing only the Camry and Corolla sedans and the RAV4 compact crossover. The upgrades and styling tweaks assigned to the 2017 Highlander have paid off — sales are heading toward the 200,000 mark for the year.

Toyota iM — A lot of value for the money

By David Finkelstein

Toyota is introducing its 2017 sporty Corolla iM 5-door versatile FWD hatchback to consumers. The modern Corolla iM — which entered the marketplace as the Scion iM — has a fair amount of room to accommodate lots of cargo for those weekend getaways or for transporting the little ones to after school activities. The Scion brand was discontinued following the 2016 model year.

2018 Toyota Camry

NEWBURG, Ore. — To say that the midsized Toyota Camry sedan is a massively popular car would be a gross understatement. After all, it’s been America’s best-selling passenger vehicle for 18 of the past 20 years, and 18 million have been sold around the world since it was first introduced in 1982.
Toyota sold over 388,000 Camry’s last year, but that’s down from more than 430,000 in 2015. Through May of this year, sales are down some 20,000 units over last year. Still, Camry is a popular vehicle and a solid bet to sell more than 300,000 by year end.

Toyota Prius Prime — All about gas mileage

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

Owners of a last-generation Toyota Prius hybrid who are ready to trade in their well-used model for an all-new Prius with its trendy styling, myriad of modern technology features, and its improved gas mileage can be justifiably mistaken if they think the Prius Prime is just a new luxury trim level available on the fourth-generation Prius that hit showrooms as a 2016 model.

Toyota Highlander — New features, new paint colors

By David Finkelstein

For the 2017 model year, Toyota is offering its Highlander mid-size crossover in an SE trim grade, which brings a premium, sporty personality to the product mix. It's also sold in the LE, LE Plus, XLE, Limited and Limited Platinum versions, and all models are available in either front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive.

Toyota Land Cruiser — Off-road luxury

By David Finkelstein

It was back in 1957 when Toyota first offered its flagship SUV Land Cruiser to consumers in the United States. Since that introduction six decades ago, Land Cruiser has evolved into one of the most luxurious full-capability SUVs on the market.

2018 Toyota C-HR

AUSTIN, Texas —  Back in 2002, in an attempt to attract teens and twenty-somethings (now called millennials) into a car they could call their own, Toyota introduced the funky Scion brand. Early on, Scion was a bit of a hit, but it never gained buyer loyalty or serious interest in the brand and its product offerings. Last year, Toyota pulled the plug on Scion, shuttering the brand. In doing so, the Scion iA, iM and FR-S cars were rebadged as Toyotas for the 2017 model year. The tC coupe was discontinued.

Toyota Yaris iA — Attractive car at attractive price

By David Finkelstein

Heavily influenced with Mazda engineering, Toyota Motors is offering the 2017 Yaris iA sedan at an attractive price point in order to allure budget minded consumers. Sold under the Scion Division from Toyota in the previous model year, the '17 version has a dramatically sporty look about it plus agile road handling capabilities.

2017 Toyota Prius Prime

PHOENIX — When it comes to pioneering vehicles that get exceptional fuel economy, Toyota is the world’s leader, with more than 25 years of alternative fuel vehicles under its belt. Product offerings include the gas-electric hybrid, plug-in hybrid and even a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle in a few select markets.

Toyota Avalon — Loaded with safety, warranty protection

By David Finkelstein

Toyota Motors unveiled its four door, five passenger Avalon flagship automobile as a unique midsize offering to consumers worldwide more than 20 years ago. For 2017, this premium nameplate with class-leading roominess and comfort is showcased with either a hybrid powertrain or a conventional yet powerful V-6 engine.