Cadillac Lyriq — First Cadillac EV is superb to behold and drive

By Jim Prueter

(October 18, 2022) To suggest that Cadillac’s first attempt at an all-electric SUV named Lyriq is akin to opera-comique first developed out of the comedies de vaudeville, is to libel the French form of opera. Both boast a higher sophistication to their disciplines however, absent inconsistently spelled namesakes it would require eccentric judgment to consider them comparatively analogous.

Behold the all-new Cadillac Lyriq SUV that foregoes performance bragging rights in favor of opulent luxury and passenger comfort. You can almost hear the pitiful whimpering of Tesla Model Y owners. In fact, it costs less than most Model Ys. So good is the new Lyriq EV that beyond its astonishing, chiseled, aggressive and provocative good looks it seems to have been time-warped out of some John McCarthy AI research project.

Looking better than most concept car showpieces that inspires new product, Lyriq is longer and lower than a Porsche Cayenne and has a wheelbase a pinch shy of an S-Class Mercedes. But there’s more to the Lyriq than looks and just ditching gas engines for electric motors.

It starts with GM’s Ultium Platform first used on GMC’s new Hummer EV but offered in standard rear wheel or all-wheel drive powered by a 102-kWh battery pack good for 340-horsepower on the rear axle and up to 312-mile driving range per charge. All-wheel drive models jump to 500-hp.

During our testing we reached 60 mph in 5.5 seconds, quick but not Tesla quick but that’s not a bad thing. Its handling feels confident and predictable but sporty driving isn’t part of the package. Still the ride is luxury-like on smooth roads but a bit too firm on rougher road surfaces. Most will be more than pleased with its driving performance. DC fast charging is standard as well as home power outlets.

The interior is unexpectedly sensuous even for a Cadillac with metallic brightwork paired with real open-poor timbers on the door panels and center console complimenting its bright blue leather hides soft enough to for Trigger to envy. Infotainment and connectivity are delivered via a giant 33-inch curved LED touchscreen. It’s also loaded with driver-assistance features and the brand’s Super Cruise hand-free driving system.

Cadillac’s first luxury EV is a standout and foreshadows a new future for the Cadillac brand and demand is massively outstripping supply capability. Deliveries started last June and 2023 Lyriq orders are full. You can pre-order a 2024 Lyriq now at


2023 Cadillac Lyriq

Base Price: $62,990 to $64,990
Price as Tested: $62,990
Engine: Permanent-magnet synchronous AC, mid-motor
Rear-wheel drive with a direct-drive transmission
Horsepower: 340
EPA Fuel Economy/Total Range: 89-combined city/highway MPGe
312 miles total range
Seating: 5-Passengers

Fab Features:
Opulent interior
Bold, new styling
Silent operation