September 2013

2014 Silverado is most corrosion-resistant Chevrolet truck

(September 9, 2013) DETROIT — More than half of light-duty pick-up trucks on the road are now 11 years or older. To help build on the Chevrolet Silverado’s reputation as the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickup, engineers designed the 2014 Silverado to be the most corrosion resistant Chevrolet truck ever.

Volkswagen showing Golf Sportsvan Concept at Frankfurt

(September 9, 2013) FRANKFURT — Volkswagen is showing its new cross between a minivan and a crossover at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week — it is called the Golf Sportsvan Concept. In this Volkswagen, the worlds of compact crossovers and minivans meld together into a new vehicle that offers more space for active recreation, family and work.

Audi TDI models powering 'Truth in 48' challenge — L.A. to N.Y. in 48 hours

(September 8, 2013) A team of 12 drivers embarked this weekend on “Truth in 48,” a bid to drive 2,800-plus miles from the Los Angeles area to New York in 48 hours or less. The team will be driving the 2014 Audi A6 TDI and 2014 Audi A7 TDI sedans, with the 2014 Audi Q5 TDI as a support vehicle in a challenge to demonstrate the extended range and fuel economy provided by Audi clean diesel technology.

Nissan to introduce electric Leaf to South Africa

(September 8, 2013) IRVINE, Calif.— Nissan in South Africa is set to create a new kind of stir in the local vehicle market this spring as the Nissan Leaf goes on sale as the country's first electric vehicle. Epitomizing the brand's slogan of "Innovation that Excites," the Nissan Leaf will be making its South African debut at the Johannesburg International Motor Show in October 2013, going on sale to the public at the same time.

Media influencers enjoy mileage bonus driving Audi TDIs

(September 8, 2013) Audi of America invited a few dozen auto commentators from traditional media and from industry blogs to test the fuel-economy mettle of TDI last week. And clean diesel came through.

‘Blue Suit Crew’ seeks perfect paint finish at GM

(September, 8, 2013) DETROIT — Painting a new vehicle is not just part of the manufacturing process - it is an intricate chemical operation requiring constant scientific monitoring. Trained experts, members of General Motors’  “Blue Suit Crew” follow elaborate precautions to ensure that final vehicle paint finishes are pristine.

Lexus Eco Challenge kicks off with $500,000 in scholarships at stake

(September 7, 2013) TORRANCE, Calif. — Some people think teenagers only care about their cell phones and weekend plans. However, the teenagers who participate in the Lexus Eco Challenge prove that they are dedicated to making the world a better place for future generations.

BMW to showcase Warhol Art Car at Boston event

(September 7, 2013) WOODCLIFF LAKE, N.J. — BMW will feature its M1 Art Car by Andy Warhol at Boston’s annual ARTcetera fundraising event to support the AIDS Action Committee Oct. 5.  Originally raced in Le Mans, Warhol’s hand painted BMW M1 is the 4th in the Art Car collection, and showcases the artist’s unique depiction of speed.

Porsche to unveil 918 Spyder supercar in Frankfurt

(September 7, 2013) The Porsche 918 Spyder is celebrating its debut at this year's International Motor Show in Frankfurt. The super sports car with plug-in hybrid drive marks the beginning of a new era for sports car manufacturing. Porsche says that never before has a super car designed for everyday use offered such an impressive dynamic performance combined with the fuel consumption of a compact car.

Will the real 2015 Mustang please stand up?

By Christopher A. Sawyer
The Virtual Driver

You have to wonder who at Ford was able to convince the folks at Edmunds that the 2015 Mustang will be 15 inches shorter, 6.5 inches narrower and 400 pounds lighter. They should get a medal. Even a quick glance at spy photos of the car shows a vehicle that is nearly as long and just as wide as the current model.