February 2017

Volvo's new XC60 SUV will automatically steer you out of trouble

(February 28, 2017)  Volvo has announced that its new XC60 SUV, which will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, will feature three new advanced driver assistance features aimed at keeping the driver out of trouble.

The new safety features are designed to provide the driver with automatic steering assistance or support — when required — to help avoid potential collisions. Volvo believes that these new features will make the new XC60 one of the safest cars on the road.

Rinspeed presents the clever urban 'Oasis'

(February 28, 2017) You can count on Swiss automotive visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht when it comes to reimagining mobility. With the Rinspeed concept vehicle “Oasis,” the ingenious self-driving electric vehicle for the city and surrounding areas, he refutes the deeply ingrained notion of the urban jungle that requires SUVs the size of battle tanks for the daily struggle for survival. His alternative concept: a maneuverable speedster with an integrated small garden plot behind the windshield.

Volvo Trucks concept tests hybrid powertrain for long-haul transport

(February 28, 2017) With the Volvo Concept Truck, Volvo Trucks has developed its first hybrid vehicle designed for long haul applications. In combination with the vehicle’s other improvements, the total reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 is around 30 per cent. 

Volvo Trucks first unveiled the Volvo Concept Truck in May 2016, and has now developed and enhanced the vehicle even further. In addition to the improvements in aerodynamics, rolling resistance and reduced weight, the new version also features a hybrid powertrain — one of the first of its kind for heavy-duty trucks in long haul applications.

All-new Jeep Compass is first class and fully capable

By Jim Prueter

(February 28, 2017) SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Jeep, a brand that builds nothing but more than capable SUVs, is absolutely booming. Overall sales are up for the seventh year in a row, including three straight years of one million vehicles sold, with a record breaking 1.4 million in 2016.

Taking the Telluride Challenge in the 2017 GMC Sierra HD

By Russ Heaps
Clanging Bell

(February 27, 2017) TELLURIDE, Col. — I'm not the kind of guy who balks at a little cold weather. In fact, I like getting into the snow and cold now and then, if I'm prepared. So, I didn't hesitate accepting when Autotrader asked me to head to Telluride, Col., for the media launch of the updated GMC Sierra 2500 HD pickup in mid February.

2017 Lexus LX 570 — Ultimate expression of luxurious ruggedness

By Jim Prueter

(February 28, 2017) I suppose Lexus’ mega-sized luxury SUV could be better. It could, for example, be offered in a hybrid version, have third-row seats that fold out of the way, be offered with  a $0 down $399 per month lease including full-coverage automobile insurance, or come standard with an audio system that’s programmed to block Miley Cyrus and Iggy Azalea songs.

Nissan conducts on-road autonomous vehicle testing in Europe

(February 27, 2017) LONDON — As part of its commitment to creating a zero-emission, zero-fatality future for mobility, Nissan today showed to the media its real-world testing of next generation autonomous drive prototype vehicles taking place in the east of London.

This is the first time that Nissan has demonstrated its latest autonomous drive technology on public roads in Europe. Nissan has already conducted public-road testing in Japan and the United States to pursue easy-to-use autonomous drive technology in real life situations.