BMW 535d — BMW diesel done right

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

Diesel engine technology is advancing at turbocharged speed with engines becoming cleaner, faster and more fuel efficient. And the public is finally taking notice, recently pointed up by statistics from Diesel Technology Forum showing that diesel car sales increased 25 percent during the first six months of 2014.

2014 BMW i3

AMSTERDAM  — The electric-car industry hasn't just been characterized by revolutionary technology, but by entirely new ways of thinking about automobiles, their marketing, and their place in society. General Motors and Ford are approaching electrics with a fresh eye, and Tesla seems to be trying to change the game entirely.

BMW 435i — A new take on the Ultimate Driving Machine

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

The car formerly known as the 3-Series coupe has been reinvented and becomes the first in a new BMW lineup with a 4-Series designation, a reclassification designed to elevate the coupe into something just a bit sportier, slightly larger and with more feature content than the 3-Series. It also comes with a price starting about $2,000 higher.

2014 BMW X5

VANCOUVER, B.C. — We’re on winding roads leading up into the mountains north of Whistler and the car we’re driving handles just about as well as any BWW. Yet it’s not a car it’s the all-new, third generation 2014 X5 SAV. BMW insists on calling its SUVs Sports Activity Vehicles, which, we guess, is really a more appropriate designation than Sport Utility Vehicle.

BMW M6 — Automotive nirvana

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

We discovered it takes great restraint and discipline to make the 2013 BMW M6 coupe a daily driver. The actual daily commute is not the problem — the M6 is docile on the busy suburban streets when it's instructed to be, and it can be charming as it cruises the boulevard teasing the curious onlookers.

BMW 335i — Still the Ultimate Driving Machine

By Jim Meachen and Al Vinikour

One of the most memorial automotive catch phrases in history, "The Ultimate Driving Machine," got the green light from then BMW marketing chief Bob Lutz in the 1970s reviving a flagging German brand and helping make BMW cars wildly popular in the U.S.

What has made this ingenious tagline stick through the decades is that BMW has consistently backed it up with outstanding products led by the popular 3-Series — the ultimate driving machine, if you will.

2012 BMW 3-Series

MONTEREY, Calif. — Arguably the benchmark by which all sport sedans are measured, BMW has introduced the sixth generation of its iconic 3-Series sport sedan. If BMW had it right the first time, which seems to be the general consensus, then imagine what the 2012 version — five generations removed from the original — must be like.

BMW 550i GT — Something different

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

Over the last year we’ve driven several of the new-breed hatchback crossover sedans, most of which we wondered, “…why did they build this?” There doesn’t seem to be a clear answer.
We recently did a stint in the 2010 BMW 550i Gran Turismo, a very large luxury sloping-roof hatchback that delivers the ultimate in comfort, handling and performance; but we still asked what exactly is the point of a high-riding vehicle that costs more than a sedan, but has less utility than a car-based crossover SUV?

BMW X5 diesel – a smart extension of the brand

By Al Vinikour 

It never ceases to amaze me how tone deaf consumers and lawmakers have become when considering diesel power. Mention “hybrid” or “electric” or “fuel cell” and this same group will get wild in the eyes. Trying to emulate the European economy is not a good idea. Conversely, trying to duplicate Europe’s fuel choice is not a bad idea. Diesels have been around for about a century and ignoring it is like having Alex Haley as an uncle and not asking him about family history.

BMW’s 2005 760i is a dream car for the well-heeled

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

If you had to name one production car that is loaded with more technology, performance and luxury than anything else on the road you could make an excellent argument for the BMW 7-Series and, more specifically, the 760i.

After a week behind the wheel of the flagship Bimmer, outfitted with a potent V-12 engine, we had barely scratched through the first layer of gizmos and gadgets available to the owner of one of these amazing German sedans.