McLaren GT — The luxurious grand touring supercar

By Jim Prueter

(September 26, 2021) The legendary McLaren supercars all started with Bruce McLaren, the famous Formula One race-car designer, driver, engineer and inventor from New Zealand. He was also one of the most successful, with wins in Monaco, the Indianapolis 500, and 12 World Drivers’ Championships.

Today, his name lives on in a lineup of street-going supercars adorned with the McLaren name, a brand that’s a dream for so many driving enthusiasts. Models like the 765LT Spider, 720S Spider and Artura, are all supercars. Last year, McLaren introduced the GT, which is more of a grand touring car with a smoother look. It’s a more luxurious McLaren; in fact, the most luxurious they have ever made.

It’s not a supercar or sports car with a rough ride and loud exhaust, rather it fills a large hole in McLaren’s product lineup. Appearance-wise it doesn’t look like a luxury touring car, and — with a massive 610-horsepower twin-turbo V8 and twin-clutch gearbox, capable of reaching 0-60 mph in just 3.1 seconds and a top speed of 203 mph and two-seat layout — isn’t the usual stuff of a luxury tourer.

Still, the folks at McLaren insist that it is, especially pointing out the luxurious interior, a suspension that’s been tuned for a more compliant ride and styling that’s a lot less aggressive than the McLaren 720S that it’s based on.  

From the rear the GT, has a surprising amount of cargo room under the glassy rear hatch — enough for golf clubs, two sets of skis and a duffel bag. There’s additional cargo room under the front hood.

The cabin trim is eye-candy. Lovely, replete with gorgeous materials, and hand-crafted switchgear, everything looks and feels expensive and uniquely McLaren.

For those wondering, yes, the GT stays with the dramatic McLaren wing doors that softly power-close the last few millimeters.

We found the GT to be incredibly agile, with flat cornering void of understeer. The entire car holds itself in perfect balance with minimal agitation from bumps and dips or changes in tire grip. A beautiful sonnet of expressive automotive rhythm arranged to the delight of legendary driving perfection makes the GT different from other supercars. It’s not just about prodigious speed, rather the luxury and perfect balance seldom found in anything else.

Vital stats
Base price: $213,195
Price as tested: $234,750
Engine: Mid-engine twin-turbocharged V-8
Horsepower: 610
Seating:  2

Fab features:
Monstrously quick acceleration, heroic handling
Drives better than most supercars
Gorgeous, luxurious interior
Over 35 exterior color choices