Tesla Cybertruck reaches showrooms ahead of launch

(November 29, 2023) Tesla has been sending early versions of its Cybertruck to showrooms across the U.S. in anticipation of the pickup's formal launch Thursday (Nov. 30), according to Automotive News. The Cybertruck will be a halo vehicle for the growing Tesla brand and an entry into the massive pickup segment.

Opinions remain as polarized about the unusually designed truck as when it was first presented by CEO Elon Musk four years ago. "People love it or hate it," said a salesman at a showroom last week. Tesla fans, including one reservation holder, called it futuristic and stylish while pondering the roped-off pickup at the showroom. Other visitors said it was just as ugly in person as in pictures.

While the angular, stainless-steel exterior is polarizing to the public, the pickup is expected to be in short supply for years because of a reservation backlog from Tesla owners, EV enthusiasts and newcomers to the brand, analysts say. The truck will likely also be an instant cultural phenomenon.

Analysts say the Cybertruck's commercial success will depend on its final pricing and specifications, which are expected to be announced when Musk takes the stage at Tesla's Texas factory Thursday and delivers the first vehicles to buyers.

Source: Automotive News