June 2016

Hyundai Blue Link celebrates its fifth anniversary

(June 30, 2016) FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. —  Hyundai Blue Link has handled more than 90,000,000 requests from customers since it launched just five years ago, with interactions increasing every year. In addition, subscribers remote started their Hyundai’s more than 22 million times and remotely locked the doors more than 2.5 million times.

Ford F-150 EcoBoost hits one million sales

(June 30, 2016) DEARBORN, Mich. — Ford, America’s truck leader, has set a new benchmark in truck capability and efficiency: More than one million F-150 pickups with segment-exclusive EcoBoost engines have now been sold in the United States.

Day Seven on Route 66 — The Cadillac Ranch and a truck stop car collection

By Jim Meachen and Ted Biederman

(June 29, 2016) Truck stops are known for their good — if somewhat greasy — food and for that reason have become popular eating places in communities all over the country. We found the food at the massive Russell's Travel Center at the Texas-New Mexico state line on Interstate 40 and old Route 66 to have excellent all-American eats, but there's more to Russell's than just the food, gas and a big convenience store.

Seattle car sharing service ReachNow expands area, adds 150 cars

(June 29, 2016) SEATTLE, Wash. — Citing strong demand for its premium car sharing service, ReachNow has announced the first expansion of its “Home Area,” just two and a half months since the company launched the service. The Home Area will now include Southeast Seattle, West Seattle and Magnolia. Additionally, in order to have more vehicles available to members throughout the expanded Home Area, ReachNow has added 150 Mini Clubman cars to its Seattle fleet.

Toyota recalling about 3.4 million vehicles for separate issues

(June 29, 2016) Toyota is recalling about 3.4 million vehicles globally to repair separate flaws involving leaky fuel tanks and curtain airbags that may crack and injure occupants. The larger fuel tank recall affects 2.87 million vehicles worldwide, including Prius hybrids and Corolla compacts, the company said Tuesday.

Toyota said fuel emissions control canisters could crack and result in leaks when the vehicles have full tanks of gas.

VW diesel owners in U.S. to get as much as $10,000 in compensation

(June 29, 2016) BERLIN — Volkswagen will buy back diesel engine cars from U.S. owners for their pre-scandal value and compensate them for their troubles by as much as $10,000, according to the settlement of U.S. civil claims stemming from the emissions scandal.

As part of Volkswagen Group's settlement of U.S. civil claims stemming from the scandal, the company pledged as much as $10 billion for some 500,000 car owners. However, the 8.5 million customers in Europe may only get an hour-long visit to the dealer to have their engines repaired with a tube that regulates air flow or a software update.

Porsche celebrates world premiere of new 2017 Panamera

(June 29, 2016) ATLANTA — Porsche on Tuesday celebrated the world premiere of the new 2017 Panamera in Berlin accompanied by a spectacular display of lights, music and choreography. Porsche says the new Panamera, which has been redeveloped from the ground up, combines two contrasting characteristics better than ever before: it offers both the performance of a sports car and the comfort of a luxury sedan.

Day Six on Route 66 — From a great museum to five buried VW Bugs

(June 29, 2016) You probably won't find it on many travel guides, but the five Volkswagen Beetle frames buried nose down in the dirt near Conway, Texas — called the "Slug Bug Ranch" — is an obvious answer to the nearby and considerably more famous Cadillac Ranch. But at the Slug Bug people are urged to bring their spray paint and add their own touch to the colorful display.

Mitsubishi shows teaser photo of SUV concept to be unveiled in Paris

(June 28, 2016) Mitsubishi Motors today announced the debut of the all-new "Ground Tourer Concept" at the 2016 Paris Motor Show this fall. An up-market SUV, the Ground Tourer Concept is aimed to be the latest expression of Mitsubishi's design ambitions, expressed through four powerful elements: Augmented Possibilities, Functional Beauty, Solid Thrust and Japanese Craftsmanship.

The newest concept further expresses Mitsubishi's plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) flagship technology.

Acura NSX claims class victory at Pikes Peak hill climb

(June 28, 2016) The recently-launched 2017 Acura NSX claimed victory Sunday in its North American racing competition debut, climbing the 14,115-foot pinnacle of Pikes Peak and clinching first place in the Time Attack 2 class at the 2016 Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the 100th anniversary of the running of America's second oldest race.