DRIVEN360's classic 1975 Ford Bronco gets second round of modifications

(October 25, 2018) TEMECULA, Calif. — RAW Motorsports, a leading engineering and fabrication builder of high-performance, off-road and specialty vehicles, has led the charge to complete a second round of modifications on DRIVEN360’s classic 1975 Ford Bronco.

Eleanor’s Big Brother features several all-new extensive modifications and will once again debut at the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas on Oct. 31-Nov. 2.

DRIVEN360’s classic Bronco is the epitome of the ultimate off-road vehicle built for everything from trail riding to full-on rock crawling. The Bronco was designed, built and launched by Zero to 60 Designs from the ground up for SEMA 2016 and was featured in the SEMA LTAA booth. The entire vehicle was positioned as one of the best Bronco examples at the SEMA show.

For round two, the Bronco has taken on an evolution geared for off-roading, and DRIVEN360 has enlisted the help of industry-icon RAW Motorsports, an off-road fabrication shop in Southern California for hard core off-roaders, to bring the Bronco (code name bRAWnco for round #2) up-to-par for its latest mission — rock crawling.

The bRAWnco remains one of the most sought-after examples of a classic Ford Bronco ever built. However, with RAW Motorsport’s touch, the ultimate off-roading, family hauling, desert-chasing machine will be ready-to-rock with its new premier upgrades.

Key features and improvements for this year include:

• Custom fabricated off-road roll cage built by RAW Motorsports that will be available for purchase for Bronco owners

• Roll cage built for families in mind, retaining easy maneuverability and interior space but 100% protected

• Completely redesigned dashboard that compliments an off-road lifestyle

• Nexen Tire USA Roadian MTX Off-Road 37X12.50 tires

• New off-road wheels from Grid-Off-Road

• LINE-X Protective Coatings ULTA-sprayed roof and doors

Prior to RAW Motorsport’s involvement, Eleanor’s Big Brother was the subject of a meticulous restoration performed by Zero to 60 Designs. The initial build featured several hand-selected parts which all play a role in supporting the Bronco on its off-road adventures. RAW Motorsport’s Dana Cote, a well-known off-roader in the racing community with more than 37 years of experience, has built upon the original foundation to create an even stronger and more performance-based Bronco for DRIVEN360.

“RAW Motorsports was extremely happy to be selected to modify DRIVEN360’s Ford Bronco even further,” Cote said. “This is exactly what our custom-fabrication shop does — we make people’s dreams into a reality by way of custom creation. The Bronco was no stranger to the off-road lifestyle before.

"However, it was time to take DRIVEN360’s family-hauling, trail-blazing Ford to the next level. That’s when we created the bRAWnco – the ultimate raw and aggressive purpose-built vehicle built for tackling any terrain that DRIVEN could throw at it.”