March 2018

Distraction tops drivers’ list of growing dangers on the road

(March 30, 2018) WASHINGTON, D.C. ― Distracted driving tops drivers’ list of growing dangers on the road, according to a new survey from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The annual Traffic Safety Culture Index shows that 88 percent of drivers believe distracted driving is on the rise, topping other risky behaviors like aggressive driving — 68 percent; drivers using drugs — 55 percent; drunk driving: 43 percent.

March sales uptick closes out strong first quarter, Edmunds forecasts

(March 28, 2018) SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Edmunds forecasts that 1,597,256 new cars and trucks will be sold in the U.S. in March for an estimated seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of 16.9 million. This reflects a 23.2 percent increase in sales from February and a 3.0 percent increase from March 2017.

"Healthy first-quarter numbers indicate the industry is on solid ground, but that doesn't mean we can expect another banner year for new car sales," said Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds executive director of industry analysis.

Honda dominates Kelley Blue Book brand image award survey

(March 28, 2018) IRVINE, Calif. — Automotive brands are among the most recognizable, most valued brands in the world. There are few products more ubiquitous in our day-to-day lives than the automobile, and capturing the hearts and minds of car shoppers could mean more sales in the long run.

In fact, when asked about vehicles consumers find appealing, nearly half of respondents of a recent survey on behalf of Kelley Blue Book said they are loyal to the specific brands that they have had a good previous experience with.

Spring ushers in five cent spike in national gas price average

(March 27, 2018) With the arrival for spring, gas prices immediately became more expensive nationwide. The national gas price average is $2.61, which is a nickel more expensive on the week. Six states are seeing double-digit increases: Idaho (+16 cents), Utah (+14 cents), Delaware (+13 cents), New Mexico (+12 cents), South Carolina (+10 cents) and Maryland (+10 cents).

As prices soar, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that demand dropped to 9.3 million barrels a day as gasoline stocks dipped (1.7 million barrels a day) on the week.

Used vehicle sales hit record high in 2017, Edmunds reports

(March 27, 2018) SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Used car sales climbed to an all-time high of 39.2 million vehicles in 2017, according to the latest Used Car Report released by Edmunds. This reflects a 1.6 percent increase in sales from 2016 and a 4.3 percent increase from 2012.

Analysts at Edmunds attribute this spike to increased replacement demand due to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and increased used inventory due to a glut of off-lease vehicles hitting the used market in 2017.

AAA study reveals 88 million Americans plan family vacation in 2018

(March 26, 2018) ORLANDO, Fla. — Led by millennials, some 88 million Americans plan to take family vacations this year. According to the latest research from AAA Travel, 44 percent of millennials are planning a family getaway, more than members of Generation X (39 percent) or baby boomers (32 percent).

“Just like generations before them, millennials see a family vacation as one of the best ways to create memories and reconnect with loved ones,” said Bill Sutherland, AAA senior vice president of Travel and Publishing.

Per-capita Chevy Volt ownership impressive in some smaller states

(March 24, 2018) There’s a new infographic showing where the Chevy Volt is most popular in the USA. The popularity of this plug-in hybrid was determined on both a total volume basis and a per-capita basis for the graphic. looked at a 2-year window, 2016 through 2017 to collect the information.

Using analytics from the website, they studied where people who look for Chevy Volt repair parts reside, then compared that data with U.S. Census data to get the results.

BMW 740e gives buyers opportunity for plug-in power in a luxury sedan

By Paul Borden

(March 22, 2018) If your concept of a plugin hybrid vehicle is a little econobox with the styling flair of a Model T, then we have a surprise for you. BMW now offers a plugin hybrid version of its top-of-the-line 7 Series sedan.

White and black most popular VW Beetle paint colors in 2018

(March 21, 2018) A new graphic illustrates the most and least popular Beetle colors of 2018. Using search data available on, the team at VW Parts Vortex was able to determine the most popular Beetle paint colors for 2018. While the most common tints are white and black, 10 percent of the available Beetles fall into the “other” category.

“Due to the Beetle’s unique profile, we think it’s perfect for vibrant colors,” says Rocco Demas, manager at VW Parts Vortex.

Online and in-store — Study finds car buyers looking for change

(March 21, 2018) ATLANTA — Understanding the evolving nature of car buying behavior and how consumers complete their vehicle purchase process has never been more critical for dealers. Helping advise dealers where they should focus their attention to earn car shopper business and loyalty, the Cox Automotive 2018 Car Buyer Journey Study uncovers the latest online shopping trends and customer satisfaction insights on the various aspects of the dealership experience.