Jaguar reveals all-wheel drive XJ with August 'snowstorm' in New York

(August 16, 2012) Jaguar today revealed its 2013 model year XJ and XF sedans with Instinctive All Wheel Drive during an unexpected "snowstorm" in New York City to help drivers safely navigate through bad weather conditions. In combination with new fuel efficient V6 engines, the new AWD features will support the expansion of Jaguar's presence in the luxury sedan market within the United States.

To celebrate the announcement, stars Jane Krakowski and Tracy Morgan joined Jaguar Cars to officially open CHILL NY — a unique "winter in summer" experience in Manhattan (picture below).

A wonderland of ice and snow housed in a larger than life snow globe, Jaguar's CHILL NY showcases the brand's latest all wheel drive models and offers complimentary ice skating, entertainment and cool treats for consumers. Two-Time Olympian and World Bronze Medalist figure skater Johnny Weir will be on-site for an appearance on Aug. 17 from  and former NY Rangers, Chris and Peter Ferraro will be on site for hockey tutorials on Saturday, Aug. 18.

"We created the Jaguar CHILL NY experience at the High Line Park not only to provide a unique experience for consumers, but also to display the latest All Wheel Drive and V6 capabilities of our renowned XJ and XF 2013 models," said David Pryor, Brand Vice President, Jaguar North America.

"Bad weather can strike at any time, and these new technologies give a new level of confidence to the luxurious, first-class experience which defines Jaguar vehicles."

An active torque-management system, Jaguar AWD uses a performance-oriented rear-drive bias which can shift power to the front wheels to either pre-empt or counter wheel slip. Jaguar's AWD employs an active power transfer control technology that adds the benefit of enhanced all-season traction while retaining the sporty agility and steering feel of the rear-wheel drive versions. The AWD system is paired with a new supercharged 340 horsepower 3-liter V6 engine.

"The additional choices of V6 engines and All Wheel Drive to our Jaguar luxury sedan lineup is massively important to the brand's business potential here in the United States," said Andy Goss, President Jaguar Land Rover North America.

"In the northern half of the United States more than 80% of our competitors' luxury sedan sales are All Wheel Drive equipped and more than 90% have either All Wheel Drive or V6 power. With V6 power and All Wheel Drive alongside our high-performance V8 Rear Wheel Drive models, Jaguar will now be competing in luxury market marketplace that is up to 10 times larger and will transform the relevance of this iconic brand in the U.S."

Jaguar engineers spent 18 months testing the new all-wheel drive system in a variety of conditions, including the frozen lakes and split friction coefficient surfaces of the Jaguar Land Rover development facility in northern Sweden.