It's the law — All cars in France must have two breathalyzers

(June 29, 2012) LONDON — New French regulations require drivers to include two breathalyzers in vehicles when driving in the country. Motorists planning to drive in France must carry two breathalyzers in their vehicles from July 1, in order to conform to the latest safety regulations in French law, warns

This new regulation means drivers must ensure they have a high-visibility safety vest, warning triangle and two breathalyzer test kits on any journey in France. Anyone who fails to do so could face a fine although there will be leniency to the guidelines until November.

For any tourists hiring a car in France, all suppliers should comply with this new regulation and provide breathalyzers in the rental vehicle on collection.

Andy Hemmington of, says: "As this is a new ruling we want to inform car hire customers and those traveling to France to ensure they meet the criteria of the new law. A lot of holiday makers will not be aware of this and may be caught out as a result. We do always recommend that customers research the rules and regulations of driving in a different country before hiring a vehicle, as the laws of individual countries vary and many of the regulations are subject to fines.

"For those hiring a vehicle, all of our partners and suppliers will be conforming to this new rule from 1st July, so customers who have planned trips to France can be assured they will be driving with all the necessary safety equipment in their cars. However, we do advise all customers to double check with their supplier before picking up the hire car."