Ineos Grenadier Quartermaster production begins

(November 28, 2023) Startup Ineos Automotive, with the first U.S. deliveries of the Grenadier SUV now underway, has launched production of its second model, the Grenadier Quartermaster pickup. The Grenadier Quartermaster is largely based on the rugged SUV, which the brand refers to as a station wagon but has about a foot longer wheelbase.

The pickup, which can tow just over 7,700 pounds, is powered by the same 3-liter BMW straight six gasoline engine and ZF eight-speed automatic transmission used in the SUV.

The Quartermaster has a length of 212.6 inches, a wheelbase of 127 inches and a ground clearance of 10.4 inches. For comparison, a Jeep Gladiator has a length of 218 inches, a wheelbase of 137.3 inches and a standard ground clearance of 10 inches. A Chevrolet Colorado Z71, meanwhile, has a length of 213 inches, a wheelbase of 131.4 inches and ground clearance of 8.9 inches.

Ineos builds the Quartermaster alongside the Grenadier at a plant in Hambach, France. More than 7,000 orders have already been placed for the Grenadier in the U.S,. making it Ineos Automotive’s largest market, with first customer deliveries starting now in the U.S. and January for Canadian buyers.

Quartermaster pricing has not been released, but U.S. preorders will open in early 2024, an Ineos spokesperson said. In the U.S., the Grenadier SUV starts at $73,100, including shipping. A price premium for the Quartermaster over the SUV seems likely given that the pickup carries a higher starting price in other markets, including the United Kingdom.