2011 Jaguar XJ

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — In what the Jaguar team calls a “city takeover” the new XJ is literally plastered all over Los Angeles with five-hundred billboards and wrapping every pillar at LAX as the new car makes its debut to media, dealers and to the buying public this first week of May 2010. Nobody can miss knowing the new XJ has arrived.

The marketing scheme is bold, brash and in your face just as the XJ is sleek, rich and elegant; and both are a departure for the normally staid brand that thought “gorgeous” was enough to entice and conservative was necessary to retain the “old” clientele.

The XJ is not about new found power, the three V-8 engine configurations are familiar, all currently available in the XK and XF. The XJ flagship is more about design, comfort and forward looking; all three goals are accomplished with aplomb.  

The XJ design is flowing, smooth and immensely attractive, a far cry from the conventional XJ of the last several generations. And on the inside - well it is an experience in luxury with wonderfully supportive seats, yards of supple leather and some of the most lovely wood trim that makes the car cozy and warm. The dash is awash in soft, stitched and honed  leather sans that usual sheen that makes for a plastic look.

This is all in addition to the vast array of modern technology that will keep all the techno buffs and audiophiles humming a happy tune. The only disconcerting item is the virtual display of the instruments; very high tech but somewhat ghostly in appearance.

Jaguar’s flagship comes in either the standard length or as the XJL a long wheelbase that adds five-inches, most in rear seat legroom comfort; and both lengths are available in what will be three trim/power levels.

Base price for the XJ is $72,500 and the XJL base is $79,500 and the very top-of-the-line yet to be heard from Supersport version tops out at $115,000. All prices include the destination and delivery charges. The standard XJ and XJL are expected to cover 64-percent of the volume.

Now at your local Jaguar dealer.

— Ted Biederman