2011 Infiniti G37 IPL

NAPA, Calif. — The G37 in itself is a dandy sports coupe displaying a fine balance of performance and handling. Infiniti’s selection of the G37 coupe to kick off its new Infiniti Performance Line (IPL) is a smart and powerful choice as we learned after spending time on winding northern California roads.

The addition of the IPL performance goodies makes it a truly exciting vehicle that should raise the heartbeat of enthusiasts.

Infiniti has infused the G37 with a tauter suspension, improved steering feel, a wonderful exhaust note from its true dual exhausts, and a bump up in horsepower from the standard 330 to 348 from the 3.7-liter V-6.

Infiniti says rather than a massive horsepower change, it was going for the entire package from exterior styling cues such as a modified front and rear fascia design, dual chrome exhaust tips, and 19-inch seven-spoke graphic-finish wheels; an enhanced interior with red-stitched leather-appointed seats, Silk Obi aluminum trim, and aluminum pedals and footrest; and enhanced performance through improved acceleration and exhaust sound.

Infiniti Vice President Ben Poore explains, "IPL brings all the elements together, styling harmonized with performance, exhaust note with acceleration feel, ride comfort and confident handling."

The G37 IPL will be available in limited quantities, about 5 percent of overall coupe production; and will start at $47,950 for the six-speed manual and $49,850 for the seven-speed automatic. While the IPL has many pleasing enhancements and an elevated performance level it will be interesting to see if customers think it has enough stuff to justify a more than a $7,000 premium over a well-equipped G37 coupe with automatic.

— Jim Meachen