Who pays more for auto insurance: Red states or blue states?

(November 4, 2014) ENCINO, Calif.— Today's Senate elections will settle some hotly debated races, and with politics on the cumulative mind of the nation the original insurance comparison company, Answer Financial Inc., elected to look at the race in another way: which political party wins for lowest auto insurance?

With Democrats in current control of the Senate, we're highlighting states with seats up for grabs this election. Here's how they compare:

Colorado has a split-seat senate and a tight race this year, making them one to watch this election, but not necessarily for our insurance list where the state comes in at 36th place. Our Coloradoan friends ought to shop regularly to maximize savings.

A handful of states with Republican-dominant governments have surprisingly close races with their Democratic counterparts. Where insurance is concerned, Alaska, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana and North Carolina rank in the mid-to-low range, with North Carolina and Kansas coming in at 14th place ($902/yr) and 18th place ($949/yr), respectively to protect their vehicles. In states with competitive insurance rates, the best way to find a deal is to compare.

Michigan Republicans, on the other hand, may lose a seat this year but are in no real danger with a strong partisan foothold in the state. At $1,649 per year on insurance, however, the Wolverine State has room to improve, ranking 43rd on our list. We can help you with that Michiganians!

The upper houses for West Virginia and Georgia are rumored to lean right, but impact will likely be minimal with the red party's existing stronghold. Both states are out of the race for lowest insurance prices, ranking 48th and 44th highest on our list.

Our Overall Findings

Based on our sample, Democrats pay almost $300 more per year on auto insurance. Despite having the #1 least expensive state for insurance – Nevada at $727 – blue states include seven of the ten most expensive states for drivers. See how your state ranks: