Toyota Untold podcast revs up for exciting relaunch

(March 11, 2021) PLANO, Texas — Toyota Motor North America has relaunched its original podcast, Toyota Untold, with a dual-episode release covering stories and subject matter representative of the show’s new elevated direction and mission. The relaunch of Toyota Untold goes deeper into the driver mindset, from dusting off retired classics to discussing the future of the driver/vehicle relationship.

Expert internal perspectives are shared by Toyota engineers and executives, covering in-depth topics like technology research and development, Toyota’s transition into a mobility company, and more conceptual ideas, such as the creative process involved in some of the brand’s most iconic nameplates.

More than a corporate soundboard, voices and stories come from all over the consumer spectrum. Toyota Untold brings together owners, drivers, hobbyists, families, and explorers — even competitive anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. It takes listeners past the cars and into the journeys behind them.

Reaching into the storytelling aspect of the show, the first relaunch episode features emergency medic, Trey McDaniel, and his heroic tale of surviving the recent 130-car winter storm pile-up in Fort Worth, Texas, escaping his totaled Toyota FJ Cruiser and administering aid to injured drivers around him.

Toyota Untold’s second relaunch episode puts the spotlight on a cultural king in performance car circles, the legendary MR2, and discusses how a maxed-out mid-engine changed the game for vehicles in its category around the world. Bill Strong, globally-recognized MR2 expert, owner, driver, and builder joins Toyota team members Andrew Eleazar and Jack Ferguson, bringing three distinct perspectives on this cult classic.

The show retains its talented hosts, Kelsey Soule and Tyler Litchenberger, who keep things light and informative for an audience that ranges from technical masterminds and project car builders to first-time car buyers and casual fans of modern mobility. It is produced by Crate Media in close partnership with Toyota’s Derrick Brown.

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