Ford Explorer consideration has doubled

(July 2010) SANTA MONICA, Calif.  — reports that consideration of the Ford Explorer has nearly doubled as consumers await the highly-anticipated new model that will arrive in showrooms this fall.

In December 2009, a record low 8.5 percent of SUV shoppers reviewed coverage of the Explorer. In recent weeks, consideration of Explorer by SUV shoppers climbed as high as 16.1 percent. Consideration is a good metric for gauging consumer interest.

"With a great deal of goodwill from the Explorer's glory years, together with a substantially evolved 2011 model, it's possible that Ford will turn many of these browsers into buyers," commented Analyst Ivan Drury.

The SUV segment accounts for nearly a quarter of all vehicles sold in the United States. However, in recent years a dramatic shift in SUV preferences has occurred, according to's analysis.

From 2002 to 2010, sales of compact and midsize crossovers have doubled their representation in the SUV segment. At the same time, sales of traditional large and midsize SUVs — like the Ford Explorer — are down by two-thirds. Crossovers have outsold traditional SUVs since 2006.

Ford engineers designed the new Explorer to be more like a crossover, with unibody construction to reduce weight, boost mileage and deliver more car-like ride and handling characteristic.

According to's analysis, in 2005 the Explorer accounted for 9 percent of Ford's total vehicle sales; the compact crossover Ford Escape captured 7 percent. So far in 2010, the Escape represented 12 percent of all Ford sales; the Explorer a mere 4 percent. notes that 10.4 percent of its site visitors who research the Explorer also research the Escape. Only two vehicles — the Chevy Traverse and the Ford Edge — are cross-shopped against the Explorer at a higher rate. Only four percent of's visitors who researched the Escape also researched the Explorer.

"After a 20-year run using the same basic formula that shot it to the top of the sales charts, the Ford Explorer is going in a completely new direction for the 2011 model year," asserted Senior Analyst Karl Brauer.