December 2010

BMW X3 can be experienced on the iPad

(December 12, 2010) MUNICH — The application containing all the product information on the new BMW X3 has been available in the App Store since the beginning of December offering the chance to experience the vehicle via iPad.

The application combines the advantages of the classic product catalogue, the website and the interactive possibilities of the iPad.

Chevrolet Silverado HD named Motor Trend Truck of the Year

(December 12, 2010) The Chevrolet Silverado HD is the 2011 Motor Trend Truck of the Year, completing a rare same-year sweep of the prestigious car and truck awards. Chevrolet also earned the 2011 Motor Trend Car of the Year award.

Ford EcoBoost wins towing exercise

(December 11, 2010) The 2011 Ford F-150 EcoBoost won in a powertrain performance exercise while towing a trailer against key competitors during a demonstration near Davis Dam in Arizona.

It’s the latest phase of the new 3.5-liter EcoBoost truck engine’s “Torture Test,” a multipart series of web-based documentaries that began when this randomly selected EcoBoost engine endured the equivalent of 150,000 miles or 10 years’ use on the dynamometer, replicating the duty cycle of the harshest-use customer.

2011 Explorer delivers best-in-class fuel economy

(December 10, 2010) DEARBORN, Mich. — Ford Explorer is now the segment fuel economy leader. With an EPA-certified 25 mpg highway rating — a 25 percent fuel economy gain over the outgoing V6 model — the all-new 2011 Explorer sets a new benchmark for vehicles in its class. The Explorer EPA-certified rating of 17 mpg city can’t be bested by competitors, either.

Human-like hands key to Robonaut 2's dexterity

(December 10, 2010) WARREN, MICH. — Great hands. Elite athletes have them, and they are a standout characteristic of Robonaut 2.

In fact, R2 as he is known to his creators is one of the most dexterous robots ever built because of his very human-like hands. Engineers from the General Motors Technical Center in Warren and NASA’s Johnson Space center in Houston collaborated to produce a robot that could work side-by-side with human astronauts at the International Space Station as well as future missions.

Fender joins forces with Volkswagen to develop new sound system

(November 9, 2010) HERNDON, Va. — Volkswagen announced today it has joined forces with Fender Musical Instruments Corp. to bring the raw emotion of a live music performance to the driving experience.

The company’s partnership with Fender will equip select 2012 models with the all-new Fender Premium Audio System.

Louisville plant loses Explorer, but will gain next-generation Escape

(December 9, 2010) LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Ford today announced it is investing $600 million to transform its Louisville Assembly Plant into a modern, flexible facility that is building the next-generation Escape for the North America market starting late next year.
The plant is the third North American body-on-frame truck plant that Ford is re-tooling to enable production of fuel-efficient products from its global vehicle platforms. Louisville Assembly has been building the Ford Explorer SUV since 1989.

Rumor has it that Chevrolet will change Aveo to Sonic

(December 9, 2010) Automotive sites around the internet are abuzz with rumors that General Motors will change the name of the sub-compact Chevrolet Aveo to Sonic for the 2012 model year.

Volume production of the global Ford Focus kicks off in Germany

(December 9, 2010) SAARLOUIS, Germany — Volume production of the all-new Ford Focus, the first global Ford compact car, has begun at Ford's Saarlouis Assembly Plant in South-West Germany.

In North America, early production of the four-door and five-door models of the Ford Focus is already underway at Ford's Michigan Assembly Plant.

Hawaii hydrogen infrastructure gets boost

(December 9, 2010) HONOLULU — Ten companies, agencies and universities have joined an initiative between The Gas Company (TGC), and General Motors to make hydrogen-powered vehicles and a fueling infrastructure a reality in Hawaii by 2015.

The plan, called the Hawaii Hydrogen Initiative (H2I), aims to integrate hydrogen as an essential building block for Hawaii’s sustainable energy ecosystem.