Volvo recalls EX30 electric crossover for software glitch

(June 11, 2024) Volvo is recalling the electric EX30 because of a software issue. The problem affects all of the almost 72,000 EX30s Volvo has made. The small crossovers might have an error in the center screen causing the speedometer to go into test mode when the car starts.

To fix the glitch, an over-the-air software update is required, Volvo said in a statement June 10. It is the second time since January that a software issue has impacted the EX30, which is made in China. Volvo has also been stung by software troubles with the EX90, for which Volvo started production in the U.S. this month after a long delay.

Vi Bilagare, which is Sweden’s biggest car magazine, was first to report the problem in the EX30, which has already raced to No. 3 in the sales ranking of electric models in Europe, according to market researcher Dataforce. It trails the Tesla Model Y and Model 3.

Sources: News reports