Volkswagen sells more than 9.7 million vehicles worldwide in 2013

(January 17, 2014) WOLFSBURG, Germany — The Volkswagen Group reported yet another strong increase in worldwide deliveries for the full year 2013, topping the record set in 2012. “In total, our Group delivered over 9.7 million vehicles to customers last year, ranging from small city cars to heavy trucks — more than ever before,” VW board Member for Sales Christian Klingler said.

“Across the board, all brands contributed to these very positive results which are a very good achievement in light of the difficult conditions on markets all over the world. As far as the current year is concerned, we expect market developments on a level similar to 2013. Even though the situation in Europe would appear to be stabilizing, economic uncertainty will continue and the challenges we will be facing on markets will remain virtually unchanged.”

Not including the heavy truck brands of MAN and Scania, the Volkswagen Group delivered 9.5 million vehicles in 12 months. The Group finished December with a 6.3 percent increase, delivering 833,200 units.

Developments in the various regions and world markets were mixed.

Group brands delivered 3.65 million vehicles on the overall European market from January to December, of which 1.85 (1.85; +0.1 percent) million units were handed over in Western Europe (excluding Germany). European sales were off  .5 percent from 2012.

Deliveries in the North America region from January to December grew 5.6 percent to 888,800 units, of which 611,700 were delivered in the United States, representing a 2.6 percent gain. In the South America region, the Volkswagen Group handed over 908,000 million vehicles to customers during the same period, of which 682,200 were delivered in Brazil. That represented a 10 percent decrease from 2012 for the South American region.

The Group recorded very encouraging figures in the Asia-Pacific region, where 3.64 million vehicles were delivered to customers in the period to December, a 14.7 percent increase.