Motorsport at the Palace brings 'The Italian Job' back to Crystal Palace

(May 10, 2016) LONDON — Motorsport at the Palace is bringing The Italian Job back to Crystal Palace as the red, white and blue trio of Minis used in the film will be in action at this year’s event on Sunday and Monday, May 29-30.

The Minis return as in 1969, the venue was used to film scenes in the iconic motoring movie The Italian Job. The circuit’s inner field was used to film the van being blown up so the film’s star Michael Caine could say that immortal line; “You’re only suppose to blow the bloody doors off.”

The actual circuit was used by stunt drivers to practice the jumping sequence with the Mini Cooper cars as well as being used for part of the car chase itself.

In honor of the UK’s favorite motoring move, the three actual Mini Coopers, in red, white and blue, from the film will be at Motorsport at the Palace. They will be on static display so fans can have pictures with these three famous cars as well as taking to the circuit for a parade lap at lunchtime each day.

Around 150 cars from racing and rallying spanning over 100 years of motoring at this year’s show with Classes ranging from pre-war vintage to modern day, delivering high octane competition with around 75 cars running each day. Expect to see the most diverse line-up of racing with a pre-1931 Austin 7 Ulster in one race and a 2000 Honda Civic R-Type in the next.

From Alfas to Westfields, this is a bank holiday of racing not to be missed and a must for any petrol head – be it a classic car nut, a supercar savant, former racing driver or someone who just loves cars.

Motorsport at the Palace, is open from 9 a.m. until 5.30 p.m. For more information, race updates, and booking details, visit