Maybach, sculptor Schnabel kick off two-year partnership

(December 7, 2010) — Luxury automobile manufacturer Maybach and Julian Schnabel, renowned painter, sculptor and filmmaker, are sharing a common path as they kick off a two-year partnership during Art Basel Miami Beach with the world premiere of “Queequeq – The Maybach Sculpture.”

Consisting of two parts, it is 483 centimeters (190 inches) high, 170 cm (67 inches) wide, and 142 cm (56 inches) deep and has a weight of 1,488 kilograms (3,280 lbs.).

Both parts are of cast bronze with patina over stainless steel armatures. With its dimensions, “Queequeq – The Maybach Sculpture” imbues strength and surprises with fluidity and lightness. Its name draws from the character of the harpooneer in Herman Melville’s classic novel Moby Dick.

The sculpture is to reside within the comprehensive Daimler Art Collection.

Over the next two years, Schnabel and Maybach are engaging in a multitude of initiatives. As did photographer David LaChapelle in 2009, Schnabel is participating with the Wilhelm & Karl Maybach Foundation and its mentoring program, which identifies and supports young high-talented individuals including artists with great potential in their field.

Schnabel also made a short film documenting the Maybach brand.

“The quest for perfection and uniqueness is the essence of the Maybach brand. The Maybach Foundation’s concept of mentoring also carries great significance, as I have always felt it was important to support and promote young, talented artists. And older artists should encourage younger ones. This is something that can be fun, useful and important,” Schnabel said.

An exclusive “Maybach Night” to honor Schnabel and his humanitarian and social engagements was held on Dec. 2, and included the presentation of the Maybach sculpture.

Throughout 2011 the Maybach sculpture will be shown at exhibitions of Schnabel’s works, including the Venice Biennale in the Piazza San Marco at the Museo Correr and MOCA in Los Angeles.